16 People Confess The Things That Turn Them Off

In some cases, the things that turn people off – or on – are just a matter of taste.

Other times, enough people can get on board with a turnoff that the rest of us should realize it’s something that makes other human beings wrinkle their noses (and stop it if we can).

If you’re looking to date or make new friends, etc, take a scroll through these 16 turnoffs and then take a good, hard look in the mirror.

16. It’s not going to work.


I cannot and will not stand for ultimatums. “It’s your friends or me.” Bye! I’ve know them for 20+ years and you for 2 months.

15. It is pretty funny.

Telling people you are an Alpha Male.

I’m sorry but it just makes me laugh lmfaoo.

14. So many more people than you’d think.

Poor hygiene is at the top of my list. I briefly dated a guy 11 years younger than me and he told me on the first date that he doesn’t like wearing deodorant because of the aluminum in it.

We discussed brands that don’t have aluminum/animal cruelty free, and I even offered to make him one since I’ve made them before. I have no problem with people making the best choices for themselves and their bodies, especially if you’re into your own musk and scents, but after a 6 mile hike in the rain together I just couldn’t bear myself to be around him anymore.

That Chewbacca in the spin cycle smell is not for me, at the very least hit your pits with a dab of something.

13. Just be kind.

If they talk down to and/or are not respectful of others. Especially family or friends.

If I take someone out for a first date, and they start berating the server about the croutons on her salad when she had specifically mentioned being gluten intolerant, there wont be a second date.

12. Basic manners.

Chewing with your mouth open. You could be the most perfect perfect woman for me, but as soon as I see you eating without closing your mouth, yeh, we’re done.

11. Not everything is that deep.

Overdramatizing absolutely everything they do.

I once went on a date with a girl who studied arts and drama. We went to a pretty chilled coffee shop and she would sing the last word of every other sentence. She was going through the menu and would say, “oh! Cappuccino muffins? I love muffIIINNSSS.”

Its like she really wanted me to know that she could sing. I hated every minute of it.

10. A bit ick.

When women put in stuff like “Don’t swipe on me unless you’re 6ft or taller” in their profile. I’m 6’2″ but that’s still almost certainly an instant swipe left from me.

I left swipe on pretty much anyone who puts what they’re not looking for on their profile. It just makes me uncomfortable.


not interested in people who only have one word answers
not interested in crazies
not interested in people who are playing games
not interested in people who … etc etc
and any variation of “good vibes only”, I find people who say that are walking drama factories with no regard on how their actions may impact others.

It sounds bitter and too negative to me.

9. Especially these days.

People who don’t wash their hands.

8. Apparently it’s harder than it seems.

If they aren’t respectful. Like basic manners/common decency.

7. Handle your feelings.

Using bad state of mind or having a bad day as an excuse to lash out all around you

Most of the time it is sad circumstances for them but never should you (verbally) attack someone just because you feel like it.

6. Definitely not funny.

Being overly judgmental and cruel to others. Especially to strangers. It’s not cool. It’s not funny.

And it makes you seem really shallow and lacking of self reflection.

5. Always uncalled for.

Being mean to animals.

4. Seriously, just let people be happy!

Mocking people for stuff they’re into. Let people enjoy themselves.

3. The trifecta.

Inconsiderate, selfishness, lack of social awareness.

2. Seriously, relax.

People taking themselves seriously, there was genuinely once a guy who said he was a part of the “intelligentsia” 😬

Maybe he was just really into Divergent.

1. There’s a difference.

using mental illness as a personality or to seem quirky or being extremely shallow.

I worked with a woman for a while who CONSTANTLY talked about her mental disability. She would always go on about how one conversation with her doctor she could just go out on perminent disability and never work again. She constantly used her disability as an excuse as to why she didn’t have to work or come in when she wasn’t feeling it. When someone would try to discipline her she would pull the “I’m mentally disabled” card every single time.

No one should be made to feel ashamed or discriminated against for any kind of disability, let alone a mental one. People like her though is what make it hard for others to take those disabilities seriously.

I know most of these seem like no-brainers, but I don’t think that’s always the case.

What’s your biggest turnoff? If it’s not here, share it with us in the comments!