16 Women Dish On What They Always Put In An Overnight Bag On A Date – Just In Case

In this day and age of dating, you truly never know how things are going to go until you get there. He could be charming and sincere, exciting and bold, a total creeper that makes you glad you packed a taser, or nothing at all like his profile in the worst possible way.

So, it’s best to be prepared.

If you’re wondering what other women make sure to take when they’re headed out, these 16 ladies are ready to dish!

16. That’s a big purse.

this ought to give you a good start : personal armor, baton, and riot helmet.Chemical irritants, such as pepper spray and tear gas, rifle that fires rubber bullets, stun grenades. flex cuffs .

If the night gets more serious Bolt cutters,Breaching charges, Fixed-blade knive,Night Vision Goggles,Body armor and plates,Modified/customized rifles customized to the task may be difficult to know if its the first date what’s appropriate, 45 caliber handgun, M79 Grenade Launcher with ammo Flachette,Illumination,Fragmentation, Smoke,Buckshot small point and shoot camera

If it goes side ways Hemorrhage kit:Compressed Gauze x4 Combat Gauze x3 (would prefer Celox Rapid) Elastic wraps (Ace wraps) x2 Pressure Dressing x1 (preferably the Olaes 6″)

Airway and Respiratory: Cric Kit x1 NPA x2 4″x4″ gauze x3 Chest seal x4 packs Hydrogel x1 Decompression Needle x3 (14g x 3.25″) Chest Tube kit x1 Suction Bag Value Mask (BVM)

Circulatory: Sodium Chloride 0.9% (NS) 500mL 6% Hetastarch 500mL IV Administration Kit x2 IO gun and 3 needles Basic Blood Transfusion Kit Sharps Shuttle

Helos Hypothermia Kit x 2 Fleece Beanie

Diagnostic: Blood Pressure Cuff Pulse Ox Thermometer Stethoscope Note book w/Marker 4″x4″ gauze (for going pt to pt)

Wound care and Closure:Skin Stapler Alcohol/Providone Iodine Swabs 2″x2″ Gauze 4″x4″ Gauze Durmabond 0.0 silk x2 Steri-strips Assorted Band-aids Dental Repair kit

Splinting: Elastic wrap 6″ x1 Sam Splint Finger splint x2

Miscellaneous: Sunsceen Eye cover Bio Freeze Batteries (AA, AAA, 123) Duct Tape Trauma Sheers Hand Sanitizer Anaphylaxis Kit: Epi-pen x2 Benadryl (50mg vital x2)

Medications: Ibuprofen Mobic Tramadol Prednisone Cipro Azithromycin Cyclobenzaprine Cough Drops Pepto Bismuth Loperimide (Imodium) Mucinex Ondansetron (Zofran) Benadryl Antacids Caffeine Meclizine Tylenol Cold and Allergy Hydrocortisone (topical) Cefazolin DiazepamMorphine x2 Invanz (ertapenem) Marcaine Promethazine x2 Diphenhydramine Ketorolac x2 Naloxone (Narcan) Ketamine Lidocaine Midazolam this will be a pretty good start you may need to modify as needed depending on location and length of stay

PS: 2 litters of water remember stay hydrated kids !!

15. This woman is focused.

Ziplock bag full of goldfish crackers to hide it for a secret snack later, mouth wash to hide you’ve been snack on goldfish crackers, and glow in the dark dinosaurs to distract him/her while you sneak away for some of those savory goldfish crackers.

14. It’s best to be prepared.

I bring too much it’s kind of embarrassing. I bring a whole gym bag with me.

Toilet wet wipes uHh.. Poo-pourri HAHA which in case if some of you guys don’t know, you spray it in your toilet before taking a dump. Makes it smell better.

Phone charger, wallet, extra clothes, makeup for touch ups, tweezers, my keys because I have a car and I also have keys disguised as knives, carry portable mirror, lotion, body perfume mist, my own body wash, hairbrush, hair detangler, deodorant, a lighter, gum.. there is so much I can’t even think of any at the top of my head anymore.

13. Through the ribs, anyway.

BBQ ribs. Maybe a nice steak. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

12. You don’t want to get hungry.

Make sure to grab yourself a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to have in case ya get hungry. It’s finger lickin’ good!

11. Don’t leave home without it.

A backup plan.

10. Don’t forget the fun stuff.

Extra underwear, wet wipes/baby wipes, usb battery and charging cable for your phone, toothbrush/toothpaste, bandaids, mace, hair ties, several lengths of jute, handcuffs, clothpins, strapon, lube, handcuff keys (optional), paddle or riding crop, three seashells, ball gag, candle, matches, cucumber.

9. A great idea.

What I haven’t seen mention yet…Earplugs! In my experience sleeping with somebody new always take getting used to.

And some people can snore like woolly mammoths.

8. Fit it all in.

Cleanser, moisturizer, spf, extra clothes, mint spray, scrunchies.

7. Just say no.

Condoms. Bringing your own condoms means the guy can’t use the “oh I forgot condoms babe lemme do it anyways” crap.

Seriously don’t sleep with people who won’t put a condom on, that’s how you get STI’s and unwanted pregnancies

6. This made me laugh.

Tums, you don’t want a squirty tummy.

5. A serious one.

Your location to be known to another human being (sibling, friend, your ex, etc.)

4. Obviously.

Loose morals and a can-do attitude.

3. A bin for guests.

More for the guys reading: I always keep a couple of new toothbrushes at my house for company. If I’m seeing said company on a regular basis I try and find out what tampons/pads she uses and keep a box here. Both styles of phone cords. And a trash can in the bathroom with a lid.

Edit: and condoms. And a box of promiscuous accessories for the wild ones.

2. Because it could go either way.

condom, just in case you want the night to go that way. taser, if you decide you don’t want it to go that way. snack of some kind just in case the food available isn’t right (over-cooked, not offered at all, and so on).

if your purse is big enough, as others have said, change in clothes for the morning.

1. Think of the sheets!

Makeup remover!!!!

Don’t wear much but still don’t wanna kill a towel or pillow case of his

Some great ideas here, right?

If there’s anything missing that you think is a must-have, drop it in the comments!