17 People’s Hilarious Answers To How They Would Spend 24 Hours As The Opposite Gender

As soon as you read this headline, you knew where most of these answers were going, right? If you had the chance to spend the day as the biological opposite sex, well…most people are going straight for testing out their new anatomy in one way or another.

That’s mostly what we’ve got for you by way of answers, but still – while expected, these 17 replies are still pretty darn funny.

17. They’re really not that fun.

Get out and fight for my rights! … Who am i kidding, sit around and play with my boobs.

16. A good friend.

My buddy needs to get laid smh. I’ll help him out.

15. For some, it’s not a stretch.

Be really happy for a day and then realize this is all gonna go away and then get depressed and start HRT the next day.

14. Regular dude day.

Pee on stuff, masturbate entirely too much, try to get laid and then write down every single thought I have and make a bazillion dollars on my the new age self-help book market.

13. A short list.

Go see what all the lesbian hype is about.

Hang out with my crush and talk myself up. Investing in my future!

Hang out at a bar and see how many drinks I can scoop up for free. lol

12. The grass is always greener.

Be ecstatic. Then be miserable when it wears off and I’m back in a female body.

11. There are too many.

Try to remember all the rules I am supposed to follow to avoid being raped.

10. For science.

Have s^x. As a male who is overall intrigued by the human body, as such for scientific reasons I would have s^x.

I’m genuinely curious what stimulation feels like in comparison.

9. Not worth it.

Turn myself straight back to being a dude. Girls bodies are terrifying.

Knowing my luck I’d be deep into menstruation that day and not know why I’m angry, horny, sad, happy, have cravings and both love and hate everything dear to me.

Yea finding my gspot would be cool but the trade off is not even close to being worth it.

8. To get philosophical.

I love how to every comment I’ve read so far I.E. “I’d use a dildo”, “I’d pee outside”, “I’d play with my boobs” there’s a response that says, “but you can do that now”.

It’s interesting to see how much stuff we technically can do but we think we can’t unless we’re from the opposite gender.

7. No way to explain it.

Can this wait until I get my kids off to school? If so, my wife and I are gonna have a good time.

If not, I have to hide in the basement. I’m not explaining any of this to them.

6. Can confirm.

Possibly finally understand periods. Then probably regret understanding periods.

5. And again.

Every woman lurking through this post is silently judging all the men’s comments and laughing at you.

4. No bones about it.

I’m honestly being as slutty as possible, and I mean slutty. Being dicked down isn’t a strong enough word for the pounding I’m gonna take by multiple guys.

I’m gay and there’d be a ton of hot straight dudes that are no longer off limits.

3. A practical person.

Rob a bunch of banks. Drive thru bandit style. As many as I can. They’ll be looking for a woman.

I, on the other hand, will not be that the next day. Success.

2. Sugar daddy.

Scam old men.

1. Preach.

Enjoy not having cramps, men in my life telling me this is unsafe place or don’t walk at night. Knowing that my patients will listen because I’m a man.

I’m dead, y’all. People are terrible.

What would you add to this list that isn’t here? Our comments are open!