16 People Discuss What Everyone Should Do During Their Lifetime

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You’ve probably heard this question before: what is something that you think everyone needs to do in their life?

People have pretty strong opinions about this one, and I guess that makes sense because we’re all supposed to get the most out of life, right?


AskReddit users shared their thoughts. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Once in a lifetime.

“The night sky and stars without light pollution.

Seeing the Milky Way bright and clear in all its glory is an unbelievable experience.”

2. Make it a routine.

“Work out.

It does so much not just physically, but also is great for our moods. Even people with physical limitations can adapt some kind of workout to their body.”

3. Lighten your load.

“Confront someone who hurt you/ stand up for yourself. It’s an incredible feeling, even if the person doesn’t understand what you’ve gone through.

If you have anything left to say to someone, do It! It will be off our mind and you’ll feel a hundred pounds lighter.”

4. All the emotions.

“Go through disappointment, grief, rejection, humiliation, and heartbreak and realize they are still alive and moving forward.

Slowly come out of the worst part and start to recover, and learn to stop being afraid of all these things. Start to open up to more things in life.”

5. On your own.

“Travel by yourself at least once.

I’d recommend everyone try it. but i’ve done plenty solo, and plenty with others, and i definitely prefer traveling with others.

here’s why: i firmly believe that absolutely no one ever gives a shit about hearing other people’s travel stories. the only people that engage in them are people who were there.

so all the cool things i experienced while traveling solo are things i can never reminisce about with anyone. whereas my travels with others have brought me many lovely trips down memory lane, looking fondly back at the great moments with those close to me.

but that’s just my experience.”

6. Sleep is good for the soul.

“Realize how important sleep is, and how much you need.”

7. The hard stuff.

“Experience true, heartbreaking, world stopping grief, and learning how to live with it. So much gets puts into perspective, and it helps you be more empathetic towards people who have lost.

If you have never lost someone close to you, then it’s hard to describe just how odd it is, or how unhinged you can feel. Your world just ended, how can people be ok with going about their day? Why are people driving, and not crying in the streets?

What day is it again? Does it matter? It’s been how many days? Have I eaten recently? Does it matter? Does anything matter?

It also never really goes away, one day I’ll be fine, the next, I won’t be. It’s been almost ten years, still happens.

If someone is having an obviously bad day, and I don’t know them, I can’t help but wonder if they’re remembering something they can never have again. So you try to be a little kinder, and hope it gets a little easier for them.”

8. It’s not worth it.

“Quit a job they hate.

I worked part time at Target for about a year. Literally one of the most depressing times in my life because I was going to college and working there while also having a girlfriend.

I had almost no time to myself to even work out and I was so incredibly depressed. After missing thanksgiving that year to work I submitted my two weeks notice and never went back.

I can say, after that I am so much happier.”

9. This is important.

“Be nice to people. You never know what is going on in someone’s head and a little nod to salute a stranger could cheer them up hugely.”

10. Get rid of the toxic folks.

“Separate from the toxic people in their lives to the maximum extent possible and give their time and energy to themselves and the good people in their lives.”

11. See what’s out there.

“Leave your hometown and travel. Not necessary to travel by air or with a passport (though if you’re able, yes please travel to a foreign country).

When you travel and meet people, you realize that the world is a beautiful place and you are never truly stuck in a terrible home.”

12. It’s important to ask questions.

“Question everything.

Think about why you are the way that you are as a person and how you affect others around you.”

13. Very important.

“Read books.

Honestly the single best change I’ve made in my life in the last 6-7 months. For non-fiction reading, you’re either learning something or reflecting on something and it’s really incredible for personal growth.”

14. Record your thoughts.

“Take a minute to write down their thoughts and feelings.”

15. Short and sweet.

“Throw your phone away for the day and appreciate your goddamn life.”

16. Give it a shot!

“Drink an ice-cold drink in hot hot shower or a bath.

You’re welcome.”

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