16 Things That People Would Erase From Existence If They Could


Okay, this is a weird question from AskReddit, no doubt about it. Here it goes:

“You are allowed to erase anything from existence, and you will be the only one that remembers it. What do you get rid of?”

This should be interesting…

Here’s what people came up with.

1. I second this one.


Nearly 700 million people get a mosquito-borne illness each year resulting in over one million deaths. Damn!!”

2. Imagine that…

“Health problems across the board. No one can get sick. Ever. We grow old naturally.

No diabetes. No obesity. No heart issues. No cancer. Etc.”

3. A terrible drug.

“Heroin. Being a brand new EMT and knowing about 3 overdoses in 3 consecutive days is a lot, two of which I was on scene for, one of which the pt didn’t make it.

Never mind all the people I know who use/used.”

4. More bugs.

“Bed bugs.

When I gave this reply, I had no idea it would trigger such visceral reactions from so many people. Some of your experiences are the stuff of absolute nightmares.

Hopefully, those of you who suffer from bed bug induced PTSD, aĺlergies or hyper sensitive skin, etc. gained something from hearing you’re not alone. It’s been an eye opener for me; I’ve only imagined these experiences.

Request to the biochemists out there – please work on an answer. Maybe a safe, anti-bedbug equivalent to the tick medicine given to dogs????”

5. There are way too many of them.

“Abusive people.

Every time I hear a story of domestic violence or abuse, children being killed by their own parents, and adults being killed by their own partner or spouse, I just wish it could stop.

It’s so horrible and sad. I’m a survivor but many people weren’t as lucky as me.”

6. Interesting…


It’d be interesting to see what we would fill that void with.”

7. Seems a bit outdated.

“The two party system in the US government.”

8. Get rid of all of ’em.


Regular Nazis.

All Nazis.”

9. A lot of people would be happy.

“Anxiety and Depression.

Ya know what? All mental illness can fuck off.”

10. No need for it.


That’s something that I feel everyone can benifit for the disappearance of.”

11. Way too scary to think about.


Let’s see what happens when no creature can die.”

12. Do what you want.

“Gender norms.

If a guy wants to take up the roles a female normally would they he shouldn’t be made fun for it. And if a girl wants to do things a male normally would she shouldn’t be told she cant.”

13. Remove the hate.

“Phobia against LGBTQ+ people.

In my country people still can get beaten because they are part of this community,in other countries people are killed and get kicked out by their own parents just because they are trans/gay/any other member of the LGBTQ+ community.

I would love to remove this hate.”

14. A lot of support for this one.

“Fox News.

And then you could launch your own Fox News, but make it exclusively news about foxes or news foxes would be interested in.”

15. Good luck to you.

“My criminal record so I can get a better job.”

16. A bold move.

“Ya know what? Fuck it. I’m erasing humanity, everyone disappears including me.

Where do we all go? Nowhere, we stay right here, where instead we’re reincarnated as animals. We still remember friends, and still love to hang with them. Spouses are all the same, and family sticks together. But, nobody knows why it is that way, it just feels right to them.

For the next few million years, the animal population evolves into monstrous beasts. Giant wolves, seven foot lizards, everything. Everyone eventually gets to live their biggest dream: being a monster.

Either that, or erase death from existence, really fuck everyone over. Congrats, no more sex until we colonise Mars once we fill up Earth.”

Well, that was pretty entertaining.

Now it’s your turn! What would you pick to erase from existence if you had the chance?

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