16 People Dish On The Inconveniences The Many Have To Suffer Because Of The Few

There are so many inconveniences in our lives, and to be honest, most of them are minor. That said, those things can add up over the course of the months and years, don’t you think?

What’s even more annoying is when those inconveniences are the result of a few people not knowing how to behave – the “we can’t have nice things” argument.

Here are 16 things that fit the bill, and honestly, reading through these makes me irritated all over again.

16. Everyone has a credit card now.

Pre-paying for gas.

15. This is because of flat-out greed.

Insanely expensive Insulin, when it is literally a life saver for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

It makes me so mad. The inventors of insulin refused to profit from it, feeling that it was unethical to profit from a discovery that would save lives, and they sold the patent to the university they worked for for $1. They were quite clear in their desire for everyone in the world who needed it to have access to it. Nowadays, it takes $6 to make.

Yet, it’s so expensive because pharmaceutical companies gouge the price and make minute changes that make it so that they get to patent this “new medication” and continue to exclusively produce it and sell it at a higher rate. I work looking at health insurance plans (specifically Medicare advantage plans) all day, and I get really mad.

There are chronic special needs plans for diabetes that don’t even cover some of the most frequently needed types of insulin. With plans and types of insulin where insulin is covered, it’s typically almost $50 for a month supply for people with Medicare unless Medicaid is paying medication costs.

With insurance plans without Medicare or medicaid it probably costs even more.vIt makes my blood boil to think about how expensive insulin is.

14. All laws are reactive.

That’s something far too many freedumb types don’t understand: Regulation is reactive. OSHA is reactive.

Every OSHA regulation exists because some greedy fuck decided their employees getting maimed, getting poisoned, or burning to death in a locked building was an acceptable ‘cost of doing business’.

An overwhelming majority of laws exist, and the code balloons each year, because some pedantic semantics-playing asshole decided ‘Well technically it’s not illegal to….’ is the litmus test for acceptable behavior.

13. Older is better.

The people that decided on redesigning the gas can. Those things are worthless now. You can’t use one without spilling gas everywhere.

I have a few old school cans with regular old nozzles my sons want to know who gets them when I die. I’m going to have my lawyer leave them to my dog just to get the last laugh.

Get a Jegs racing catalog they have fuel bottles that just have a off/on valve. They are for off road or racing fuel, shhh I won’t tell

12. It seems minor, but…

Thieves. Affect every part of our lives, and cause the greatest inconvenience to us all.

Every time you have to unlock a door, or have to keep things close by you in your field of view or in a pocket or bag when they’d be better suited to being somewhere you can use them, or hide something away out of view while unattended – it’s ultimately because of the threat of thieves

11. Avoid them all.

Bad neighbors, I have friends that live in everything from apartments to mansions. It just takes one bad neighbor to spoil a neighborhood.

This is why it’s best to avoid all neighbors.

10. Competition is key.

The lack of competition amongst Cable providers. I know cable is on its last legs but I thought I’d mention it.

There was an event that took place once where a bunch of cable providers met for an evening meeting and consolidated all their companies down to a few so they could each have their own region of the US to operate in and thusly didn’t need to compete. So, for a long time, no one had a choice, and there were no lower competing prices.

This is why people from different areas hadn’t heard of Cox Cable or others hadn’t heard of Comcast.

9. That one guy.

Montana didn’t have a speed limit in the daytime on several highways. They then gave a ticket to a race driver for driving at a speed unsafe for the conditions.

The guy spent thousands fighting the ticket arguing that the speed was safe for him because he was a race car driver (because accidents never happen at car races, I guess). The state eventually enacted a speed limit because of this guy.

8. Why are people like this?

Cellophane on tubs of ice cream because a girl licked it and put it back.

Honestly, if it wasn’t horrible for the planet, I would happily have that on all my food products. I no longer trust people and that little added security soothes my mind.

7. We all just want to have fun.

No bags/backpacks allowed in entertainment venues, and no bag check option available.

All because a small number of people have snuck in weapons, alcohol, drugs.

6. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Getting proper pain management treatment is basically impossible. Nobody should have to live in excruciating pain all day every day just because a few people take their medicine not as prescribed and OD.

The doctors in my area won’t even discuss my spinal issues. As soon as I say “My back…” they jump in with *I’m not prescribing pills. YOU’LL BECOME AN ADDICT.

Consequently, there is no discussion of pt for maintenance or any other option to help me. Surgery isn’t as option because the damage is too bad. Wtf.

Meanwhile, friend has three opioid prescriptions from three different doctors, weekly pt, and free transportation for a sprain. They don’t take care of themselves and exacerbate the injury which means it doesn’t heal. Three years of that.

5. One of a few.

My childhood friend was popping the plastic lid out of a Smarties tube and catching it in his mouth, until it caught in his throat, now we have cardboard Smarties tubes.

I’m sure he wasn’t the only kid that did this but I hold him responsible for the packaging change, loves those plastic letters and round tube.

4. Just an average day.

Stores have to account for potential theft into their prices.

Something I found interesting about working in a shop is how much shoplifting seems to be done by a very specific number of people. Like, most people’s shoplifting is like taking a paper or pretending to pay for cheese. It’s still stealing, but very few individuals are stealing more than a few pounds.

Whereas there was one f**king junkie and her boyfriend that would come in every week for years on end, having been repeatedly caught, banned and actively the entire local area is on the lookout and messaging each other about them, who would steal the whole meat section literally the second anyone looked away.

I don’t know the numbers, but just logically from what I know, 4 figures isn’t that far off. And then she’d sell it to buy drugs.

3. Because a few people took advantage.

The availability and ease of access to prescription narcotics. I have ADHD and when I was taking Adderall I had to go to the doctor every month to keep my prescription up. When I went to pick it up they gave me a 3 day window and, if I came at the wrong time, I’d sometimes have to wait up to an hour to get my prescription out of their time locked safe.

Forget about if you lost a script, no way you’re ever getting a replacement you just have to suffer until next month.

Hell even getting prescribed it without being treated like a drug addict was next to impossible.

All this because a few people abused the fuck out of the prescription system.

2. It’s so annoying.

“Security Packaging”.

The really annoying ones that are basically vacuum formed over the product and are a bugger to remove.

1. Now we all get sprayed.

That mf’s that don’t flush the toilet in public bathrooms.

Y’all, don’t be these people. Think of the greater good!

What other inconvenience do you think belongs on this list? Share them with us in the comments!