16 People Laugh About the Best WiFi Name They’ve Seen

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Most of the time when you go to log on to your home or public WiFi, the other available networks don’t catch your eye. They’re named for businesses or they’re the numbers that were assigned to networks and routers before they were installed, or they’re people’s last names (boring!).

Some people, though, never pass up an opportunity to get creative and make people laugh – like these 16 people, who named their WiFi networks something you definitely couldn’t miss.


16. I always like ones like this.

For the longest time, I had my phones hotspot name as ‘Police Surveillance Tricycle’.

Turns out, its a good way to get some people paranoid and have others amused over the whole thing when having it active during classes.

15. If that doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what to tell you – it’s a classic!

“Router? I hardly know her” was my all-time favorite.

14. People really are hilarious.

My favorite is “it’s on the back of the router”

Edit: on the back of the router it would say “ask (my name) for password.”

13. It’s funny…because it’s true.

“Crack Shack” which wasn’t exactly creative but we later found out that the owners were arrested for selling drugs

12. I’m betting only some people thought that was funny.

Was at a church and some neighbour had “Jesus has left the building”

11. The only thing that would have been better was “Hot Signals In Your Area.”

My younger brother set his mobile hotspot to “Hot Singles in Your Area” and I’m never gonna get over it

10. That’s one way to keep them busy.

One of my son’s (probably about 12 or 13 at the time) friend’s father set added a Wi-Fi channel named “Free Internet Porn” when his son had a birthday sleep-over.

The father then sat outside the area where they were sleeping and listened to them spend hours trying to figure out how to connect. My son called me that night asking how to connect to a Wi-Fi channel when you don’t know the password because his friend forgot their password. I told him the only way was to guess.

Evidently it kept them busy and out of trouble all night!

9. They’re never gonna guess!

We’re not allowed to have our own routers on campus.

So I named mine AT&T Mobile Hotspot.

8. Everyone loves a good pun.

In my last apartment I named my wifi New England Clam Router.

Always liked that one.

7. I think this one might be my favorite.

“Rebellious Amish Family”

6. Grandma is fierce AF!

When my grandma was getting her WiFi set up, we asked her what she’d say to people who asked for her WiFi.

She said that she would tell them to “Go to Hell”, so that’s now her password.

So whenever people ask for the WiFi password, she tells them, “Go to Hell”.

5. Of course they did.

I install internet etc. for a living.

Best one I ever came up with was for the DeltaPhi sorority, DeltaWiPhi, they loved it.

4. Laurel and Hardy at your service.


Password was idontknow

Hilarious when anyone asked him how to get on his WiFi.

It was like a vaudeville routine.

3. Hey when you find a good one you stick with it.

My dads a huge fan of the matrix and calls every router we’ve ever had the Nebuchadnezzar

2. Definitely not your LAN, sorry.

This LAN is my LAN.

1. Clever and not too overdone.

I had a roommate that named ours Batlan and Login.

I always thought that was clever.

I love people like this and wish I could be one of them.

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