16 People Muse on the Dumbest Super Power That Would Also Be Kind of Nice

Superpowers are always something amazing, like being able to fly or hear thoughts or walk through walls. They’re never something mundane, like maybe being able to tell when there’s a hair in your food without accidentally stumbling on it halfway through your meal.

That would be nice, though, right?

Those sorts of nice-but-not-really-super powers are what people are musing on in this Reddit thread, and people have got some pretty great responses!

16. You would be the most loved person in the world.

Curing minor headaches by touch. You would have the gratitude and admiration of the masses.

15. This would save you so much time and frustration.

You can immediately find the seam where the scotch tape begins and can separate it without it going all wacky.

14. This might be a little too boring, yo.

Severely limited precognition–which would be useful only for catching green lights & always knowing the ideal time to slip into one of those rotating doors (so as not to walk awkwardly)

13. The clumsy among us would be super jealous.

Always being able to re-balance yourself when you trip even if it looks awkward as hell when doing so (you know what i’m talking about)

12. I would actually choose this from a pile of superpowers.

Super fast reading.

Sounds boring as fuck but would actually give you a massive advantage in life.

11. Some of us already have this superpower.

Being able to predict which line in the grocery store will take the shortest amount of time.

10. Well this would be delightful.

Being able to make anything you touch bouncy.

9. If it’s for food only, huh?

being able to taste a dish by reading its menu description.

Super boring but never order the wrong thing and waste money again! Weakness: does not work on mystery flavours and „party in your mouth“ descriptions.

8. Just kind of a sixth sense.

The ability to know the intent behind any statement communicated to you.

7. This would change your life.

Never having a stuffy nose.

When allergies or cold season strikes, everyone will be in pure misery and sounding like squidward while you sit in silence miraculously breathing freely

6. I have this superpower. Fear me.

Being able to nap instantly

5. You think it’s no big deal until you really need it.

The ability to stop the hiccups buy yelling “hey stop it.”

4. Who wouldn’t love this?

Constant good smelling breath.

3. It’s a big difference.

Having any guess be 1% more in your favor.

This would make the lottery worth it.

Instead of 1 in 300 million, it’d be 1 in 100

2. Just walking on sunshine.

When you are out walking down the street, the walk signal is always on when you reach the corner, allowing you to cross immediately without even breaking your stride.

Only works when you are walking, though. Doesn’t work for driving.

We’ll call you Walk Signal Man.

1. A human metal detector.

You are instantly and constantly aware of any coins within 100 feet of your person that are currently not in the possession of another human being.

I gave you my best one up top; some of these are awesome!

What would your suggestion be? Tell us in the comments!