16 People Muse On The Mystery They’d Love To See Solved In Their Lifetime

There are some mysteries that are unique to our lived existence, and some that continue to capture the imagination and curiosity of the world at large.

Either way, mysteries are a love/hate for most people. You love to speculate about them and try to solve them yourself, but ultimately, knowing is better than not knowing.

These 16 people have thought long and hard, and these are the mysteries they’d like to see solved before they die.

16. So many questions.

I’d like to know what happened to Andrew Gosden.

A 14 year old boy left home in Yorkshire one morning in 2007 dressed in his school uniform, and then withdrew all his money from his bank account. He went back home after his parents had gone to work and changed out of his uniform, then went to the train station and bought a one way ticket to London (about two hours away by train). There is CCTV footage of him leaving King’s Cross station, but that’s the last time he was seen.

He didn’t tell his parents he was planning to go to London, and it’s never been established why he went there. I’d love to find out he’s actually ok, or even if not for his parents to finally find out what happened to him.

15. It’s personal.

The murder of my father. He wasn’t anyone famous or influential. Wasn’t rich or connected to any big wigs, but he was a good man.

I feel his wife got away with murdering him. Made a good life for herself on his corpse.

14. Somebody knows the answer to that.

Who killed JonBenét Ramsey.

13. New podcast alert!

Did David Bain kill his family? It famous local New Zealand history.

I highly recommend listening to the podcast Black Hands about the event and investigation.

12. No success yet.

Where did the Nazis stach the entire amber room from St Petersburg palace.

I used to work as a guide at a castle, where it was believed to have been hidden. Every once in a while, a tourist would ask about it. One day, a small group even managed to sneak away from the tour and hide for the night at the castle, searching for it.

No success though.

11. Alternate reality?

In 1994 I found a cinema ticket stub for Speed in my jacket pocket.

I never saw Speed at the cinema, nor did I lend my jacket to anybody that had.

I’d like to know where it came from so I can one day sit through the film without wondering about it.

10. Sometimes you need to know.

A girl from my hometown (Tupelo, MS) disappeared under suspicious circumstances (blood and hair found, glasses left behind, etc.) on a school day when we were both about 12 y/o (I’m 39 now). Her name is Leigh Occhi. Her body was never found.

She used to come to school with obvious signs of physical abuse. No one was ever charged. It still breaks my heart. I want… need to know what happened.

9. Do you suppose they made it?

What happened to the famous Alcatraz escapees.

I watched a documentary which suggests that the two brothers lived for many years after, and that a school friend of theirs even met them years after the escape. He even got a picture of them, and they possibly went in drag to their mother’s funeral.

Two unknown ‘women’ were certainly there, and disappeared, with the FBI agents who attended the funeral looking for them afterwards.

8. This kills me.

The disappearance of Willian Tyrell, basically a 3 yr old kid was kidnapped in his front yard after the foster grandma went inside for a glass of water and she heard screaming from the sister and when she ran out he was gone.

This happens around 2014 and I still remember his face on the news in his Spider-Man costume.

7. Because justice.

I would love for Mr Cruel to be caught. He abducted and raped young girls in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980’s.

His last known victim is Karmein Chan, whom he abducted and murdered in 1991.

6. A lot of people probably want this one solved.

The 1991 Austin Yogurt Shop Murders.

5. No clues.

The Alps Murders as they’re known in the UK.

An English family on holiday in France are assassinated with an old pistol with accuracy that points towards a professional hit.

A cyclist is found murdered in the same lay by too by the same weapon.

The assassin thought they had tied up all loose ends until after 8 hours on the scene the French police found their 4 year old daughter hiding under her dead mothers legs.

9 years later there’s still no clue over who or why they were all murdered.

4. It changed things.

Who the hell was responsible for the child murders at Robin Hood hills?

Being from Memphis and the same age as the boys, that event changed life dramatically. Before those murders I’d leave home on my bike in the morning and be back by dinner. Life was fun and full of outdoors.

Then all of a sudden parents were scared, the doors got locked, and we could barely leave the house for more than an hour without parents getting worried.

3. Tough to imagine.

Where Ian Brady buried Keith Bennett. I doubt we’ll ever know now unless someone happens to stumble over his remains.

But my heart aches when I think of that poor boy’s mother being tormented by his killer until the end of her life.

2. It will break your heart.

Why my son took his life last year and if there was anything I could have done to stop him. I just want the army to release his suicide note already.

1. Spooky for sure.

As someone from Columbus, the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. It kills me that all these years later there still isn’t a definitive answer to what happened to him.

I really hope the case gets solved in my lifetime.

I could get on board with a few of these, for sure.

What mystery would be at the top of your list? Tell us about it in the comments!