NASA’s Curiosity Rover Has Been On Mars For 8 Years And Here Are The Best Photos From It


NASA’s Curiosity is a Mars rover that landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 – if you remember, you could even sort of livestream its Martian landing. It became the only functional robot on the planet after NASA’s Opportunity stopped communicating on February 13, 2019.

After nearly 8 years of service, the Curiosity has taken some amazing pictures of the Red Planet (and it’s still trundling around doing it’s thing). You can check out the thousands of images on NASA’s official website.

In the meantime, here’s a quick preview of the beauty of Mars.

15. Curiosity Selfie!

Even robots want to take a picture now and then.

14. A Petrified Area

These patterns are just beautiful.

13. Check out These Gorgeous Views

Worthy of a museum exhibit!

12. Checking out Its Own Wheel Track

It’s a meta portrait.

11. An Active Sand Dune

Called Gobabeb, this sand dune belongs to a dune field called Bagnold.

10. Mount Sharp’s Base

This is mudstone.

9. Yet Another Shot of Mount Sharp

These sedimentary rocks are still charming to look at.

8. A Wide Shot

Actually taken from a Mars Orbiter, not by Curiosity.

7. Fracture Shot

This has many rocks that look as if they’ve been, well, fractured.

6. A Rocky Dreamscape

It looks like a dream!

5. Wide-Shot of Mount Sharp

This far-off view definitely speaks for itself!

4. The Bottom of Mount Sharp

There are many great angles of this mountain.

3. Take a Gander at This!

It’s called Jake Matijevic Rock.

2. The “Harrison” Rock

There are some crystals in this shot too!

1. Martian Sunset

If it looks other-worldly, that’s because it is!

As of now, the Curiosity is still doing strong on Mars.

If you’ve got thoughts, we totally look forward to hearing anything you have to say about these landscapes. All scientific facts, discussion, and theories are totally welcome in the comments.