18 Random And Weird Photos Of Things That Are Funny


These photos have absolutely nothing in common except that they are totally random and totally hilarious.

I think you will get a kick out of all these pics!

Let us begin!

1. There’s always that one cousin…

Thin Mints’ ugly cousin…
byu/Lireth incrappyoffbrands

2. Seems a little off…

byu/steamed101 incrappyoffbrands

3. This movie was a big hit.

Found this in the store…
by incrappyoffbrands

4. Gonna be a big hit at the party.

byu/Beanbag_182 incrappyoffbrands

5. Scrub up with Dave.

6. Dunk those Borios in milk.


7. Close…but not gonna do it.

8. Could it be?

Breakfast with a side of contemplation…
byu/LetterBoxx incrappyoffbrands

9. Weird Al for President!

The look on Weird Al’s face says it all.
byu/the-d-man infunny

10. Think he gets a lot of action?

The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face
byu/angelinthehallway infunny

11. Treat that beer with care.

[deleted by user]
by infunny

12. Ripping his face off.

‘Go to Disneyland’ they said… ‘It’ll be fun’ they said…
byu/Reddit__PI infunny

13. Don’t mess with this stitcher.

Thug life
byu/OvidPerl infunny

14. Your friend did the right thing.

Some guy took up 3 parking spots so my friend left him a little note…
byu/DedsecWatcher infunny

15. You’re welcome!

A note left on the coaster of a local brew pub.
byu/neodawg infunny

16. I need this shirt!

Hopefully you guys find my shirt as amusing as I do!
byu/YungAvocadoDaGawd84 infunny

17. A little Boston humor for you.

Welcome to Boston!!!
byu/Pkoch19 infunny

18. Looks totally legit.

*1863 FBI intensifies*
byu/dbugstuder12 incrappyoffbrands

Those sure made me giggle and jiggle!

What about you?

Did those posts tickle your funny bone? Do us a favor and sound off in the comments with a reaction or maybe even a funny joke. Let’s see what ya got!