These photos have absolutely nothing in common except that they are totally random and totally hilarious.

I think you will get a kick out of all these pics!

Let us begin!

1. There’s always that one cousin…

Thin Mints’ ugly cousin… from crappyoffbrands

2. Seems a little off…

Gamechild? from crappyoffbrands

3. This movie was a big hit.

Found this in the store… from crappyoffbrands

4. Gonna be a big hit at the party.

Bazoongis from crappyoffbrands

5. Scrub up with Dave.

6. Dunk those Borios in milk.

7. Close…but not gonna do it.

8. Could it be?

Breakfast with a side of contemplation… from crappyoffbrands

9. Weird Al for President!

The look on Weird Al’s face says it all. from funny

10. Think he gets a lot of action?

The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face from funny

11. Treat that beer with care.

Local liquor store nailed it. from funny

12. Ripping his face off.

‘Go to Disneyland’ they said… ‘It’ll be fun’ they said… from funny

13. Don’t mess with this stitcher.

Thug life from funny

14. Your friend did the right thing.

Some guy took up 3 parking spots so my friend left him a little note… from funny

15. You’re welcome!

A note left on the coaster of a local brew pub. from funny

16. I need this shirt!

Hopefully you guys find my shirt as amusing as I do! from funny

17. A little Boston humor for you.

Welcome to Boston!!! from funny

18. Looks totally legit.

*1863 FBI intensifies* from crappyoffbrands

Those sure made me giggle and jiggle!

What about you?

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