16 People Muse On What Might Be Coming For Us In 2022

Of course there’s no way to ever really know what’s coming down the road, either in our personal lives or for humanity as a whole, but I think trying to predict it can give us a sense of control.

Or at least, it did before 2020, and then 2021, scarred us all for life.


But these 16 people are soldiering on with predictions for 2022, but sadly, most of them aren’t thinking that much is going to change.

16. The opposite.

Democrats get slaughtered in the midterms.

Shocking. Oh wait, no no. The opposite of shocking.

15. Some specific thoughts.

Republicans win the House

COVID policy dies down, but slowly in blue areas (I don’t know how much dying down there’s room for in red areas)

Newsom gets re-elected in California

School board gets recalled in SF

DA Chesa Boudin gets recalled in SF (more of a longshot)

That’s all I got.

14. Focus on the good things.

Bruh I’m here talking about vr and all you other guys are so depressed dw there may be some bad parts in every year but there always is what’s important is to focus on the good things that happen

13. This is very vague.

Something will happen to Joe Biden.

12. Conflict with China.

Disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea may increase the risk of drawing the United States into conflict with China.

11. They would make one heck of a team.

Hell & fire. The 4th cuming of Jesus & Godzilla is coming back for revenge.

10. The economy.

Democrats lose in the midterms

More rural counties play with the idea of succession from “blue” states, maybe a couple actually try.

Economy will continue to change from the pre-pandemic normal. Restaurant and retail industries might bear the brunt of it.

9. Economic devastation.

China blockades Taiwan.

This causes worldwide economic devastation. (you can’t build anything high tech whiteout something from Taiwan or China) + panic in all markets.

Taiwan sinks 1 or 2 Chinese warships.

Beijing to save face turns Taiwan to Dresden in 42′ and ceases exports to USA.

World (minus Russia) unites against China, but the damage is done. Rest of world cannot make chips or other needed components to make anything remotely high tech.

World (minus Russia) unites against China, but the damage is done. Rest of world cannot make chips or other needed components to make anything remotely high-tech.rkets.ys conventional.

8. A short list.

Unsorted list of predictions for this year:

India will probably reach 90% fully vaccinated from COVID by next summer. Probably will be able to achieve this even without an explicit vaccine mandate

Ethereum (ETH) will move to Proof of Stake, and that’ll lead to it going up to 8x its current peak valuation by the end of 2022.
inflation in US will continue till the end of 2022, despite whatever everyone else is saying rn.

mass vaccination campaigns for malaria will start to make headway in Africa next year.

Elon Musk will probably step down (or be forced to step down) from one of the companies he runs. Q1, Q2 2022 Tesla will report record profits but Q4 won’t be as good – even a loss perhaps

7. Sounds dangerous.

Inexperienced, unqualified workers doing skilled jobs, particularly the health care field.

6. China again…

Something big with China. I think the factions within the party are attempting to oust Xi.

5. Keeping expectations low.

Quite honestly I’m expecting the worst. But I don’t think I care either way I’ll decide what to do when/if it happens.

4. Housing collapse.

I think there will be a minor housing market collapse in many places, not a giant one like in 2008.

I think more covid variants com out and of course like many said, hyperinflation continues, interest rates keep increasing.

3. Are we acting?

A bunch of people will be like “time to leave 2021 behind” and act like 2022 will be better, then they won’t do anything to try to better themselves or the world, and act shocked when 2022 is just as sh*%ty as 2021

2. Same old, same old.

Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. And you, too, will get old(er).

1. Sounds intense.

High volatility on the market. War in order prevent social unrest and justify less liberties. Deep fakes and credibility issues increases.

Well, there you have it. I’m not feeling very hopeful after hearing from these folks.

If you’ve got some more uplifting predictions, we’d love to hear them in the comments!