16 People Muse on What Would Make up a McDonald’s “Angry Meal”

McDonald’s, of course, only serves Happy Meals – little boxes of so-called meat, buns, sauce, so-called apple slices, and the best fries around – to kids all over the world.
We grew up on them, and we feed them to our kids far more often that we would like to admit.

What if there was an “Angry Meal” offering, though? What would it consist of?

Well, these 16 people have some pretty great ideas.

16. That will make flames appear.

One time I ordered a McChicken with no mayo.

After waiting half an hour in an empty restaurant, they brought out my McChicken, but it still had mayo.

15. Oooh, yeah, that will make anyone angry.

Just a regular Happy Meal, but you have to watch it get cold on the rack while no one serves it to you.

14. That meal made the manager angry, anyway.

One time I got a bacon and egg McMuffin that had no bacon in it.

The guy I showed it to went into the kitchen and shouted “NOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!”

I’m guessing it wasn’t their first f%ck up of the day.

13. You need the second line.

A beer, a scratch-off, and two cigarettes.

What makes it angry though, is there’s no bottle opener, coin or lighter

12. That sounds like the opposite of delightful.

Two jalapeño poppers in a used ashtray, and a room temperature Budweiser.

11. This one has been tested.

Last month I ordered my kid a 4 piece chicken nugget Happy Meal.

I got it home, and when he opened it the box contained a single burger patty. Not a single burger. Just a plain burger patty.

He was pretty angry.

10. The ice cream machine is always broken, though…

A McFury ice-scream

9. It’s the last part that pushes it over the edge.

Whatever you ordered but the food is splattered everywhere inside the box and no toy.

8. Or crapping *out* a burger.

It just has 3 fries, an empty ketchup packet, and a collectable toy of Grimace crapping on a burger.

7. “McFish.” Lol.

A large fry box filled up halfway, a cold Mcfish sandwich or whatever they call it, a watery soda, and the toy would be a mini pepper spray on a keychain

6. Someone put a lot of thought into this.

A burger with a patty which looks fine but is frozen solid. There’s shredded lettuce everywhere except on the sandwich.

The fries are hard, cold, have no salt on them, and there’s a cigarette butt in them.

Scalding hot coffee served in a cup which immediately explodes when picked up.

And everything comes in a bag with a wet spot on the bottom that tears during the car ride home.

5. Or uncooked ones. *shudder*

Burned chicken nuggets.

4. If the Devil made your Angry Meal.

Probably just a box full of steamed vegetables and a warm carton of soy milk.

3. Basically your everyday occurrence.

Whatever you ordered, but completely wrong.

2. Collect them all.

Drink is warm, burger is cold.

You order without ice cubes: you get ice cubes

you order without pickles/onion: you’ll get exactly pickles/onion but no patty or bread

The fries are either still frozen, or fried so deeply you could nail a bench with them.

The toy is an ink bomb which blows up in your face (one out of six colors).

1. They definitely had a laugh over that.

I remember one particular trip to McDonald’s a while back. My wife and I were driving home from a long trip, and we decided to buy dinner rather than cook because it was late.

We ordered two ten piece nuggets and a large fry.

They gave us one packet of ketchup.

Getting only one seems more malicious than getting none.

People are so clever when they want to be, y’all!

What would you put in your McDonald’s “Angry Meal?” Tell us in the comments!