16 People Reveal the Grossest Secret They’re Still Keeping

Secrets are rarely – if ever – kept forever. If you’ve got one, you’d better prepare for the day it comes out, because the chances are very high that’s going to happen eventually.

These 16 people have some pretty gross secrets, so when they’re out in the open, I’m betting at least a few people are going to gag.

16. The guilt has lasted for years!

One time I spit my gum into a donation box for kids with autism thinking it was a trash can.

15. That definitely qualifies as gross.

In primary school (elementary) me and my friends saw water dripping from the rooftop on the playground. Without thinking, we’d let it drop into our mouths and drink it, giggling and excited we’d found our own water source.

A teacher caught us and we had to be checked out because it turned out the water was coming from a pipe or something that rats had ran through

14. Most of us have thought about it, at least.

As a student with a shitty waitering job paying me almost nothing I used to eat the food my customers didn’t want after I took their plates to the kitchen.

13. I love these innocent stories.

we had a candy corn counting contest in like 4th or 5th grade where you guess how many are in the big jar.

when no one was looking I carefully took the tape off the top thinking I was going to count them all or something and saw that they had written the total on the inside of the top so, being a genius, I took out about 30 of them, ate the evidence, and put my guess in for the number minus 35 – ya know, so it wouldn’t be suspicious if i got it on the nose – not realizing they weren’t going to recount them.

The winner guessed it within 20 of the number on the bottom of the lid. So basically, I cheated, sabotaged and still lost and I kept all that stupidity to myself for all these years.

12. Poor bloke.

A majority of the time, the voice in my head/first thoughts are just really unnecessarily mean. Towards myself, but especially others. Even those I care about. Extremely nit picky, selfish, rude, etc. thoughts. I dont understand why.

Sometimes it leaks out into the real world on its really bad days, and I’m just an ass. It makes me feel pretty bad about who I am as a person sometimes. Because I really just want to be a lovely person and think the best about others. And I dont feel like a good one very often because of these thoughts.

I guess maybe OP meant nasty= disgusting, but it feels disgusting to me some days

11. Childhood memories you do not look back on fondly.

As a small I child I ate an old piece of gum from under a bus seat.

I’d really like to exchange my mouth for a new one.

10. His goal is so pure, though.

My younger brother used to eat the dog food because he thought it would make him better friends with the dog.

We began to leave a bowl out for him next to the dog bowl.

9. How did his parents not smell it in his pants?

One time, when I was like 9 or 10, I had to go to the bathroom really badly while my family and I were at a hotel pool. I didn’t make it in time, so I sat on the pavement and just shit on the pavement.

In my swimsuit. When no one was around I snuck to the bathroom and tried to clean it up the best I could. Never told anyone about that lol

8. Two birds, one stone.

One morning i couldn’t be bothered making my breakfast AND a coffee, so i added instant coffee to my cereal, mixed it into the milk and ate coffee cereal

7. It must have worked.

When I was 10, I used to dance nude in the balcony after a bath just to piss of my mom.

6. Funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

That I am sat in my office at work, surrounded by a team of socially distanced staff, and I’ve just sharted

Update: managed to crack a window, and spin “conference calls” out long enough for everyone to go home. It’s time go home and shower.

Then burn this suit.

Thanks for the concern…..it’s been….a day

5. He probably knew, though.

When I was younger, I would steal coins from my parents and when I had enough, I would bring them to my dad and had them changed to paper bills.

He would be so proud of me for saving coins that he would buy me ice cream or sweet bread.

4. George Costanza would be so proud.

I made up a person. When I was in high school, I wanted to sound more popular so I made up a guy friend. He had am incredibly interesting backstory. This went on for years, well into college. I had the same friends so I couldn’t just end the charade.

The funny thing is all of these people: my family, my best friend, even my husband believe that they met this man. I never introduced them to anyone, but over the years, they all have different memories of seeing him. Finally, I just sort of phased him out, saying that we grew apart and lost touch. And yet, people will randomly ask me for updates on him.

I just give vague answers and watch my husband smirk from across the room. My husband is the only person who knows the truth. I am so ashamed that I will never admit it. That lie was such a dumb thing that snowballed.

3. Classic sibling move.

When my sister was younger probably around 2-4 age range, whenever she did something I asked her to do I gave her a dog bone as a reward.

She never listened when we were younger but as soon as I started giving her dog bones she was a different person it was great.

this was almost 20 years ago now and I woulda gotten away with it too if it weren’t for my meddling mom asking why her breath smelled like dog food randomly.

2. Why do I feel like this might be more common than we suspect?

When my sister and I were little, she would lick her cat because she thought she was helping to clean him.

1. I mean I would hope not.

When I was about 5 I used to prefer cat food to normal food, now I can’t stand the taste.

Human beings are so interesting, don’t you think?

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