16 People Ruined Movie Titles by Changing One Key Word


Oooooooh, this is gonna be a lot of fun! TV host Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers to ruin movies by changing one word in the title and the results are pretty damn hilarious.

You know his audience came up with some awesome ideas for this fun game!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Let’s see what people said!

1. A sad tale…

2. Yikes. Don’t bring the kids.

3. I’d go see this.

4. DEFINITELY don’t bring the kids.

5. Right on the money.

6. For the little ones.

7. He’s depressed…again.

8. An adult feature.

9. Fast food journey.

10. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

11. What will they buy?!?!

12. A good way to “pass” the time.

13. He doesn’t have a whole lot of energy.

14. George Bailey is going to jail.

15. Old-timers gettin’ it on.

16. A Spielberg epic.

Those are hilarious, right? But hey, you can play along too!

Share some of your best ruined movie titles in the comments.

Let’s see what ya got!