16 People Share Facts That They Find Very Comforting

It’s a big, scary, depressing world out there, and a lot of times we tend to forget about the pure, wholesome things out there that bring us comfort.

But if we dig under the grimy surface of all the bad news and negativity that exists, there are a lot of wonderful facts and stories that could really brighten our days and weeks…and maybe even our years.

So why don’t we go ahead and do that?!?!

Let’s get some comfort from some AskReddit users.

1. A life lesson.

“The story of a man named Colonel Sanders is quite powerful. He was 5 when his dad died, he quit school at age 16, had lost 4 jobs by age 17, got married at 18, but his wife left him when he was 20, taking his baby with her.

He lived depressed until age 65, when he retired and decided to commit suicide. He was writing his suicide letter when he began to think of what his life COULD’VE been, and began to think about his ability to cook.
He borrowed $87, cooked some chicken, and sold them door-to-door in the streets of KFC. By age 88, he was a billionaire. For those of you who don’t know, Colonel Sanders is the founder of KFC pictured in KFC’s logo.

The message: It’s NEVER too late to start.”

2. Nobody cares.

“It’s highly unlikely anyone but you remembers that embarrassing stuff you did 8 years ago.

So get over it.”

3. Amazing.

“Some bees will drink alcohol and get drunk off it.

Then when they try to go home, bee ‘bouncers’ won’t let them in the hive till they’re sober.”

4. I have to check this out.

“There’s a YouTube channel that hosts MARBULA ONE

It’s just a guy racing marbles on a hot wheels track and it’s super well produced and actually looks like a Formula One broadcast.”

5. Truth!

“Your dog will never not be happy to see you.”

6. Let’s get along.

“Some Liberals aren’t crazy, and some Conservatives aren’t racist.

I see them get along just fine in the real world, whenever this manufactured hysteria isn’t marionetting them around…

Shocking, I know.”

7. You’ll be just fine.

“Giving birth — either going through it yourself, or supporting someone — is terrifying. So is caring for a baby.

But humanity has existed for a ridiculously long time. And especially now, where maternity and infant death rates are at all-time lows, it is even safer.

If some prehistoric cave dwellers could pop one out in the dirt and the species could survive, you realize that babies are hardier than they look.

Very comforting when you go home with one the first time and realize you have no idea what you’re doing.”

8. Feed me!

“Hummingbirds will remember feeding spots for the rest of their lives, subsequently remembering the human which keeps said feeder filled. They might even send you a “cheet-cheet” when they’re zooming away.

If you forget to fill a feeder and leave it empty for a few hours, it’s very likely your neighborhood hummer (or international traveling hummer) will come to remind you to fill it.

I’ve had one circle my head non-stop until i refilled.”

9. I did not know that!

“When playing with female puppies, male puppies will often let them win, even if they have a physical advantage.”

10. Thank you!

“Spiders, moths and other insects don’t want to get near us while we’re sleeping, because of our breathing pattern and CO2 output.”

11. Purring.

“Elephants purr like cats when they’re happy!

Learned this in French Lick, Indiana when I met a beautiful elephant named Lou and she purred with all the pets!”

12. They trust you.

“A dog laying on its side shows the dog is incredibly safe and comfortable since laying on the side exposes the dog’s vital organs.”

13. Comforting to some…

“One day the sun will explode, the earth would be set on fire and none of us will exist anymore.

For some reason I find the inevitability of that event somewhat comforting. It helps me realise that in the grand scheme of things, nothing we do really matters so have a good time while you’re here, be good to others and just enjoy the ride.”

14. Having fun.

“In Alaska, bison run and slide on frozen lakes while other bison watch them and snort their joy and approval at each other.

Read Winterdance: The Fine Madness Of Running The Iditarod for this and other profound and f*cking hilarious stories of an idiot and his relationship with animals in the wild.”

15. They like us!

“Elephants have the same reaction in their brains when they see humans as humans have when they see babies or puppies.

Basically elephants think humans are cute.”

16. Stardust.

“Everything (physical) in our reality stems from the same original stardust source. In turn we are all one with the universe, we are all part of the same reality from the same original source (whatever that may be.)

When we die we will return to the source and wait for our next turn to manifest in whatever the universe sees fit. While we wait we will be reunited with our loved ones, we can never truly say goodbye.”

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