16 People Share the Most Passive-Aggressive Compliments They’ve Received


We all love getting compliments – come on, don’t pretend like they don’t matter to you, because they matter to everyone. That is, unless what you’re receiving is a passive-aggressive compliment. You know, the kind of compliment you get when someone just wants to stick it to you in the “nicest” way possible.

These Reddit users shared some of the best passive-aggressive compliments they have ever received. Next time I’m feeling a bit sassy, I might just whip one of these suckers out.


You look great for (insert almost anything here such as “someone who just had a baby”).


“I just knew you’d get skinny again!”


“Looks like you’ve almost lost all your baby weight!”


“I love how you just wear anything.”


My mother had been complaining about the fact that she didn’t have any recent pictures of me a couple of years ago, so I finally gave in and got her one. It was me at a wedding where I’d really put the effort in — dress, makeup, heels, the whole business — and she took one look at it, took a look back up at me and said, ‘Oh, what a lovely frame!’

Thanks, Mum. I couldn’t even be mad at her. It was just savage.


“Well aren’t you right at the top of the bell curve!”


“I admire your confidence.”


“Glad you tried your best.”