16 People Share The Creepy Things They Weren’t Supposed To See

Now, I don’t know if there are creepy things we were supposed to see, but the point remains – these people totally saw things they regretted, and it wasn’t on purpose.

If you’re someone who loves creepy stories and is just graving a few goosebumps or a shiver down your spine, keep reading.

These 16 people have some stories that will keep your interest.

16. This hurts my heart.

I was 8 and watched my friend’s Dad beating the s**t out of him from my tree house.

Looking back, it’s no wonder he was the class clown. People loved him at school.

He ended up telling my brother later that week that his dad punched him.

That was 30+ years ago and we’re still very close, his dad had severe dementia and passed away earlier this year.

It was heartbreaking for my friend, as he put it “he wasn’t always a good dad but he was the only one I had.”

15. That’s a bit traumatizing.

My mom’s first husband’s gay lover texted me on accident after I got my then-stepdad’s old phone number.

I remember the text it was “I can’t wait to taste your sweet ass again”

I was 12.

14. What is going on in middle school?

Walked in on my gym teacher with his d**k out. In his office alone. In the seventh grade.

The same year that I saw the gym teachers d**k another teacher was fired for having an affair with yet another teacher. I think middle school is the purgatory of school teachers. Only had one that was cool and he was like Marc Maron, been around for f**king ever so everyone kinda had to respect him and like him.

13. Quick thinking.

One morning I woke up to the sound of an angle grinder – my younger brother used that to cut stuff.

Couple minutes later i heard a noise of liquid splashing only you hear in horror movies.

I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not because i was half asleep. Seconds later my brother walked into my room holding his right hand with his other hand to not fell off his body looked at me and told me to not let him die.

I was in shock, i picked something, like a towel or i don’t know what it was and quickly put that around his arm and called 911 but i was so shocked i couldn’t even talk for like a minute, i put myself together and told the operator what happened and waited for the ambulance, i don’t know how long it took them to arrive but all that time i sat there with my brother trying to keep him awake.

I watched how slowly the light in his eyes faded. He passed out a few times. When the ambulance came i went out of the house to get some air while they did their stuff. First thing i saw was the angle grinder with the power cable cut off and a line of blood 2 meters long. There was no time for ambulance to get him to hospital fast enough so they called a helicopter.

My brother survived. He can move that arm and even carry stuff with it but lost most of its dexterity which sucks because he is right handed. This happened 3 years ago.

12. Why would anyone watch that??

Many years ago, when the Ninja motorcycles were really getting popular, the guy I was dating wanted one really bad. It was all he would talk about for weeks. His dad was a cop and knew his son was too stupid to ever safely operate a bike like that and wanted to turn him off of his obsession with the bike so he got a hold of some footage of a crash on a Ninja.

It was a young man and woman, both were wearing shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, no helmets. They must have hit the wall at 100 mph. The camera did a close up of the Ninja logo on the piece of motorcycle laying in the street, then surveyed the scene.

The guy’s face had hit the wall and just smeared along it for about a foot. It looked like someone had taken silly putty with a face on it and stretched it out. Unreal. The girl’s whole body was just broken and her head was nowhere. Arms and legs dangling and pointing the wrong directions. A lot less blood than I expected.

As the clean up crew was putting her body in the body bad, tucking broken and flailing limbs into it, one of them said to the other “guess physical therapy is out of the question”.

11. How could you?

I drove by a head on collision accident and saw a jaw sitting on the dashboard of the car.

I’ll never forget seeing that.

10. Those files can wait.

Had to go to a coworker’s apartment to retrieve office equipment and files, because he had died suddenly of a heart attack the night before. When I got there he was still in his recliner, the funeral home hadn’t picked him up yet. I was not a happy puppy that day.

Post edit for clarity: this happened in late afternoon. The office management had contacted the apartment management where he lived when there was no contact from him. Coworker was always early to arrive. Superintendent went to check, heard TV, no answer so used his key (early 1990s when you could still do that).

9. I would have peed my pants.

A few years ago I still lived in my parents house, it was about 11pm and our dog started barking viciously. The dog is only able to move around in the backyard, and normally he would bark at cats in the front yard, but something about his bark was different, so I walked to the window to see what was going on.

I looked out and saw a man looking through the same window… We both froze and after a few seconds he ran off. A few weeks later when we came home after work all our electronics and expensive stuff was gone.

8. A nightmare for sure.

Not me, but my wife. Our first apartment was on the ground level with our windows looking out on a brick-paved courtyard. She was at home in the living room, taking care of two toddlers (home daycare) when there was a loud sound from out in the courtyard and she felt a reverberation in our floor.

She said it sounded like someone had dropped a heavy box from a height. She looked out the living room window to see what junk got tossed out a window or whatever. She couldn’t really see anything, so she stepped out into the lobby and opened the door leading to the courtyard.

That’s when she saw the body of the man who had just jumped off the roof.

7. That will stay burned on brain forever.

On my way home, I was looking at a busy street from the subway platform I was on and I saw this guy that everyone knew as a scammer in the neighborhood. He’d throw himself in front of cars for money.

But that day he threw himself in front of a real nice car and it struck him real hard. He flew into the 4 way intersection, clearly shocked by the pain, and his head got crushed under a truck passing by that didn’t slow down in time. It looked like a watermelon exploding.

It’s crazy seeing a full on human who has existed for decades just stop existing in a few seconds.

6. People can be so awful.

I’m a medic. About two years ago we got called to a woman in the middle of nowhere on the roadway. She had called 911 from a cellphone with no other service.

She is completely altered, can only tell us her first name and didn’t even know what state she was in (she thought she was in Florida, there was snow on the ground).

Only one other number in the phone. We call it from another phone and a guy answered and I don’t remember exactly what was said but basically told us he didn’t know her but he’d come get her. We knew something wasn’t right but it took a little bit to figure it out. After a little bit I realized this girl had been trafficked and they were done with her.

They shot her up with some drug cocktail and dumped her on a rural road in winter. We took her to the hospital and no one had any idea what to do with her once she was treated.

Later found out a woman should up claiming to be her friend and wanted to take her. Hospital wouldn’t let her thankfully and police sat with the patient for protection.

This happened a few times in the next month. Someone was cleaning house. Never found out any more beyond that though.

5. That needs to be fixed.

It’s amazing how far people go when they’re hit by a car. I worked in an office above a black spot intersection where people frequently walked out in front of traffic because one section of road was two way traffic when everyone assumed it was one way.

They had signs and warning lights, but it kept happening. Every time it’d throw them clear into the middle of the intersection, even at inner city stop/start traffic speeds. We were 14 floors up, so we didn’t see anything graphic, but it almost became a joke when someone would look out the window and go, “Look, there’s another one.” And they’d be in the exact same spot.

From what we could tell from the news, the all survived but with broken legs/ribs, probably terrible and maybe life-changing injuries, but no outright deaths.

After a few years of that, they completely changed the entire nearby road and intersection as it was the only way to stop people getting hit by cars, but they labelled it ‘traffic flow improvements’.

4. Weird is one word for it.

My uncle was babysitting me when I was about 9 and so I went to work with him for the day. He was a landlord for some buildings in a city at the time and got complaints that an elderly woman hadn’t been seen in a few days from the neighbors.

She was on the ground floor and I think the door may have been locked from the inside with a chain or something but he had me climb in through the window to open the front door for him. My naturally curious self crawled through the window and instead of going straight for the front door I followed an awful smell towards the bedroom and found this lady face up on the ground dead.

The place was a mess so I didn’t immediately associate the bad smell with death but I bolted to the front door and watched them take her away in the ambulance. I don’t know any legal answers here and I never really talked about it.

Weird day.

3. Those are all appropriate reactions.

When I was growing up, my Mom and Dad were shopping for a new house. We went to a new construction neighborhood to take a look. There was a model that my Mom liked and the sales lady said there was one being built down the street, it was about 50% done, but we can take a look to get an idea of the space.

So we all hopped into the sales lady car and went to go look. We got in the house and she started to show us around. We went upstairs and in the 2nd floor bedroom, there was a guy fully nude and furiously masturbating away. I am 100% sure he heard us coming as the house was empty and our voices were slightly echoing as we moved around.

My Mom screamed, the saleslady screamed, my Dad said “WTF”, I was just hysterically laughing. The guy grabbed his clothing and just ran past us and out the house.

2. That’s a long pause.

Watched a gangland show, saw an interesting tattoo and the location that would identify someone as having been in a particular gang and served time, thought nothing of it.

Literally the next Monday, I’m offloading equipment for a job and as I pass a piece of gear to one of the new free lancers I see the exact tattoo in the exact place in the show.

He see’s me recognize what it is and for a very short very chill moment we pause. Then I grab the next piece of gear and decide to stop watching gangland shows.

1. Wipe your trail, parents.

It’s creepy to me but not all that creepy on the whole but on two different occasions I’ve helped my dad with his iPad and found very specific types of p^rn in open windows because he doesn’t feel the need to close them apparently.

Also with my boyfriend’s extremely Catholic grandfather.

He regularly has me or my boyfriend help him with technology and the amount of times one of us have found gay porn in his tabs or saved in secret files on his computer while trying to fix things for him is more than I can count on one hand.

I’m not ok after reading these, y’all.

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