16 People Share The Moment They Knew A Friendship Was Done

Good friends are hard to find, and that only gets more true as we age.

I think that’s the reason that many of us will hold onto our friendships – especially the ones we’ve had since childhood – like grim death.

That said, most of us realized that there can and are times when we have to let go, no matter how hard it might be. These 16 people are sharing stories of those moments for them, and how they knew it was right.

16. You just outgrew them.

We were in my other friends room drinking and me and my friend (he’s like a brother) just couldn’t talk. Everything he said to me was so cyclical .

I realized I’ve grown a lot as a person while my friend had more or less been continuing to live the party-lifestyle. I realized, too, that he didn’t want to celebrate wins with me, he waas envious

15. It takes courage to admit that.

Honestly, I think I’m the one that usually got cut off.

I used to be a real a$$hole.

14. He didn’t have the bandwidth?

My relationship with my ex was falling apart and I needed someone to talk to about it. One of my oldest, and I thought best, friends came over for a tv night, and no one else showed.

We watched a couple episodes and my still wife at the time leaves. I ask my friend if I can talk to him about what’s going on in my life, that I really need someone to talk to. He says his other friends have been dealing with a lot too lately and he doesn’t have the bandwidth for me.

Then it clicked. When I made plans with this guy, half the time he said he wasn’t sure and he would let me know. He only hung out with me if he couldn’t make other plans and prioritized me.beliw all these other friends he’s never introduced me to despite knowing him for years.

13. Stone cold.

Faked a break-in at our apartment, stole my gf’s diamond earrings, my watch…… and a winter hat from his room.

Then apparently locked everything up after they broke in.

12. They didn’t really care.

I always texted first. So i stopped and never heard from my friend group again.

11. A liar, and a mean one.

when she lied straight to my face about the stupidest things to get me to feel sorry for her and called me a b*%ch when I said that our friendship had run its course and I was no longer interested in talking to her.

10. They always wanted something.

You know the type. The one who only communicates with you until it leads to them asking for something. C-ya.

9. She doesn’t trust you.

She ran an animal rescue group.

Not quite 2 weeks after my husband of 18 years died, she seriously accused me of trying to take over the group.

8. That’s straight ugly.

When my friend with Bi-Polar disorder, who I supported through everything and never held a grudge no matter the cruel things they said to me, told me that they would “dance on” my grave when I die.

Called me 1 month later to tell me it was due to their depressive state but the damage was done.

7. You hate to hear this.

When my whole friend group blamed me for my sexual assault.

6. They don’t think about you at all.

I was camping once with a friend and my boyfriend at the time, she had driven us to the town we were camping in (about 3 hours away from home), and we were using her tent (all her idea to drive and her offer of the tent).

Her sister was camping in a town about 30 mins away, one day she just decided she wanted to go and camp with her sister instead. She pulled all of our stuff out of the tent while my boyfriend and I were out, left it all in the middle of the campsite, took the tent and drove off to where her sister was.

We had to find someone to drive 3 hours to come and get us to take us home

5. It’s their loss.

When I told them that I left my high demand religion. They said we no longer had anything in common. What?? 30 years of friendship over in 1 conversation. Btw..

I had been out for years, but they never knew. Once official, I was no longer trustworthy, sinful and lost. It’s their loss. Not mine. That was the end for me.

4. They didn’t really seem to care.

My college roommate never once reaching out. Always promising to come visit, but only making plans when I would reach out to him.

I just stopped reaching out about five years ago and haven’t heard from him. I’m pretty sure if he called me tomorrow I would just hang up.

3. Neither of these is funny.

two examples. found out he lied to us about having a terminal illness, turns out he made it up

and second example. Friend was sleeping with my at time girlfriend and all my other friends knew and dint tell me, just encouraged it like it was a big joke.

2. I cannot believe this actually happened.

Reminds me of when my wife and I were trying to develop a new relationship with some neighbors.

Plenty of strike-outs and rainchecks, then one day we get a call and they want us to come over for a visit.

We get dressed up and were generally looking forward to a fun evening.

We get there, and after a few minutes of small talk another couple arrives ( we all knew each other), and the couple who invited us over stand up and grab their coats and leave to go to dinner with the other couple, leaving us to watch their young kids.

They Catfished us into being their babysitter!

It happened so quickly that we had no idea what was going on until they had left.

Never tried to hang out with them again.

Edit: we stayed, thinking “why ruin the kids’ evening?”

The couple called us several times after this, but we always politely declined.

We later found out that they did this same thing to other couples!

1. A thousand little cuts.

Many little things over a short period of time, but this was the tipping point. I was working 50-60 hours a week and had very little free time. A friend asked me to help her and her family move a few miles away because I had a truck.

I agreed to run a few loads over if she fed me because I would be doing it right before work. We’re talking pizza or cheap take out, not a gourmet meal. Did the few loads and asked for the food so I could be on my way not starving. She dead panned looked at me and said “oh, we’re doing pizza tomorrow.”

That was the last time I spoke to her I was so pissed. Might seem petty, but like I said it was little things like this repeatedly that made me feel unappreciated and used so I noped out of that friendship.

I agree with all of these people; they deserve better from the friends in their lives.

Have you had to give a friend the boot? Tell us in the comments why and how it went!