16 People Share the Totally Wholesome Thing They Love to Do When They’re Home Alone

I’m not sure any of us really appreciated how nice it can be to be alone in our homes before we were forced to stay inside, only our immediate families or roommates for company, for months on end.

The opposite problem has been a challenge for loneliness, but for those of us who live with others, craving alone time has definitely been a thing.

Here are 16 things people love to do when they’re alone in their houses – things they’re definitely dreaming of doing again soon.

16. Basically taking care of yourself instead of someone else.

Ordering pizza and eating it all by myself. Watching what I want on Netflix. Having a nap without being disturbed by my kids.

Facial masks, dying hair, painting nails, playing around with make up, and trying on different outfits.

15. I  mean, why not?

Slide around the hardwood floors with socks on.

14. I guarantee she’s not alone.

Tucking my tshirt under my boobs so I don’t get boob sweat and so I look like Britney Spears in Slave 4 U

13. No one is around to make you feel nuts.

Talking to myself out loud.

Also to my cat. And random objects. Especially my phone: I often ask it nicely to do what I told it.

12. Al Bundy is on Reddit.

Putting my hand down my pants and watching tv.

11. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed!

Watching guilty pleasures (movies or YouTube) that I don’t like to openly talk about.

10. Back to the basics.

Being naked. Not in a sexual way, just staying naked in bed and walking around naked.

9. It’s a classic for a reason.

Blasting my music and dancing like an idiot all around the house.

8. And no one complains about the volume.

Video games!

But not shooters. Just stuff like Animal Crossing and fun stuff like that.

7. You can imagine you’re awesome. Just don’t record yourself.

Singing as good/bad as I want out loud.

Feels refreshing to express myself.

6. It can be soothing.


For some reason I hate cleaning when other people are home.

Maybe it’s just for convenience so I am not in anyone’s way, but I feel uncomfortable trying to clean if anyone else is there lol.

5. I am feeling so envious.

Considering I live alone, I just hang around without pants, talk to myself out loud, sing, make little jokes, watch videos and game without headphones.

I also use the bathroom with the door wide open, it’s a sweet life when you make the most of it!

4. A spa day for the cat.

A weird thing I do is when I’m home alone I’ll choose a specific cat of mine and give it like a day if heaven, like I’ll give them a hot bath (most of my cats like water). Put a heated blanket on them once they’re done.

Make them a homemade meal, give them catnip, play with bubbles with them, play with a laser, then set up a big bed with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.

I love just giving my cats a day to be alone and have fun. Edit: I was planning to do this in a couple of days, I’ll record it and put th link here 🙂

3. Simple but true.

Pretty much the same stuff but with a little less anxiety.

2. You gotta do what makes you happy.

I sometimes stick my arms in my T-shirt and go round pretending to be a T-rex… yeah I’m 30.

and singing to songs i love

1. Hands down the best answer.

I wear a soft shirt, take off my socks, lay on my back, and use the traction of my feet on the hardwood floor to slide really fast headfirst at the dog.

You’re never too old to chase the dog wiggly worm style.

Ahhhh, one day, y’all! It will happen again!

What totally wholesome thing do you love doing when you’re alone in the house?

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