16 People Share What They Would Do Without a Moral Compass

The fact that we all live in a society with generally accepted rules and norms isn’t the thing that keeps most of us in line every day. We have our own moral compasses that are built in from birth, and we follow them because something inside us says it’s the “right thing” to do.

It can be fun to imagine a world without that little voice, though, and these 16 people are musing on what they would be doing right now if their Jiminy Cricket suddenly disappeared.

16. Scary to think about, as the spouse at home.

Drain my bank account, take out a loan on the house, cash out retirement and bail.

Move to some beach in Europe.

15. Do they really check those things?

Writing straight-up lies on my resume as I look for new jobs.

14. That last one, though…

Follow my pleasure instincts. Eat, f*ck, give in to anger and probably murder.

13. Speaking your mind.

Telling certain patients to f%ck off.

I want to take care of people, I don’t want to be talked down to, yelled at, threatened, lied to for drugs, or so many other stupid things all while smiling and biting my tongue.

I kind of hate my job.

12. Would that really make you happy, though?

Not giving up my life in my city to help my mother have a comfortable hospice in her home.

Living like I’m just here for myself.

11. The other side of the story.

I quit a pharmacy over their inability to tell the seekers we weren’t playing their games.

“Your doctor hasn’t approved the refill”

Ten minutes later, they call saying they called their doctor and the doc’s office has sent it over.

They hadn’t sent it over.

I actually got pretty good at catching the phone before others when the ID was showing someone who was a known seeker. I would just pick it up and hang up. I couldn’t care less. They would spit and cuss us up one side and down the other if we wouldn’t fill their 13 different controlled scripts a week early. I’m not losing my license for that sh%t.

F*ck off.

So, one day, I had a customer who had proclaimed she wasn’t going to move away from the window until we filled her script. I went through all the regular requests for her to move with all of the normal pleading for her to be a decent human and let us help the others waiting in line. But…nope. she just stood there. My pharmacist, the store manager, all the other techs just kept their head down and never stepped up to help move her out of the window. With 20 people backed up in the line, I looked at my pharmacist and said ‘Welp, I’m not doing this sh*t anymore’ and walked straight out the door. Walked past 20 of my customers I had for years. Never looked back.

I haven’t worked retail pharmacy since. Not, will I do it for long in the future of things change for me. We should be able to fire customers without the government or the state or the company having any say. Though, some of those people would have pulled a race card or the s*x card or a political card or what ever card they had in their deck to sue us. All types of people are addicts and all of them will mistreat their pharmacies. Yet, because a doctor keeps them prescribed without question, they are not breaking any law. It sucks.

Soccer moms are the worst. Xanax addicts all half asleep driving their kids around. Scary.

10. There are good people in the world.

Packing for school. My dad tested positive for covid this morning, and although I haven’t been in close contact (he just got home from vacation) I have to get tested and it’s recommended I quarantine two weeks regardless of the result.

My college move in day was supposed to be Saturday. I’ve been stuck at home for so so long, haven’t seen my boyfriend in months.

I was so ready to go and this setback has me losing my mind, but my moral compass is telling me I shouldn’t put people at risk even if there’s only a small chance of a false negative (I’m expecting to be negative). I wish everyone else actually took quarantine seriously.

9. I wonder what it could be?

I can’t say exactly, but it starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘elling drugs.’

8. How dare.

Call Ann Landers a boring old biddy.

Yeah, I’m living on the edge, fam!

7. There’s something soothing about it.

Well, at this moment in time I’d be doing the exact same thing.

Staying up until 1am on reddit.

Simple yet self destructive.


6. Seems like a lot of effort.

Pillaging I guess.

I’ve always wanted to pillage.

5. This just made me laugh.

Absolutely wrecking some 12 year olds Minecraft world.

Oh, that would be wonderful.

4. This is a good one.

Selling pics online.

Don’t judge. Your girl needs money.

3. Dang conscience.

I’d be married to a guy who owned his own airplane courier company.

He was boring as f*ck, but he was rich and into me. I could have used him for his money but it just didn’t feel right.

2. This hot take.

This made me think a moral compass has close to zero effect on my moderate actions, which are mostly conditioned by shallowness, apathy, fear and social stupidity.

I’m not doing anything significantly unethical not because I’m good, but because I’m dull.

1. Life is hard right now.

I’d be in a car driving away from my kids leaving my sick wife to deal with the two little lunatics.

I’m so exhausted I just want to sleep for 12 hours and not have to break up constant fights/screaming crying about nothing.

It would be simpler in some ways, right?

Or maybe just easier.

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