16 People Share What They Would Erase From The World To Make It Better

I think that most good and honest people would love to say that they left the world better than they found it, even if it’s just in one small way. If we had the opportunity to change things for the better for everyone, well, wouldn’t we do it?

This is the question posed to Redditors, asking if they knew they could improve the world by taking one thing away from absolutely everyone, and these 16 people really came through with some great answers.

16. It’s the little things.

Those toilet paper dispensers that only let you take out one square that is inevitably torn as a result.

15. Think of the children.

Child abusers.

Children will one day run the world.

It’d be amazing to see a generation of people who were all properly loved and cared for in childhood.

14. Quick and unbiased.

Infotainment “news” networks.

I want a quick, easy, unbiased way to know what’s going on in the world.

I don’t need your damn opinion on the matter.

13. Governments all over the world would disappear.

Corrupt politicians.

We need to make public servants truly public in all aspects.

We have the technology and I believe that what we end up having.

12. So hard to beat.


This is it’s own kind of cancer. And it affects so many more people than just the person with the addiction.

My brother is an addict and my brother-in-law’s brother died a few years ago of liver disease caused by alcoholism.

He was in his 40’s and died a slow, painful death in a hospice surrounded by people much older than he was.

That s*%t shouldn’t be happening.

11. It’s so hard on everyone.


My grandmother and great grandmother both had it and my mother probably will eventually, she seems to not have full cognitive function, but that could also be due to alcohol abuse.

10. A huge impact.


This would actually make such a huge impact.

9. No more parasites, please.



Let’s just say parasites and call it a day – no worms, crabs, ticks, leeches, mosquitos, bed bugs, lice…

8. Just imagine.


Imagine if people were able to be greedy, but had no way of hiding what a piece of s*%t they are.

Let them be greedy, let them be seen for what they are and ostracized. If only…

7. The sooner the better.


We’re getting closer and closer. Survival rates are ridiculously higher than they where even in the 90s.

Getting a stage 4 diagnoses isn’t an automatic death sentence anymore.

They’re managing to reverse even quite late stage cancer now with improvements in treatments.

6. We could all just stop.

Litter and litterers.

5. Burnout is real.

Mental illness.

One day imma wake up and be like “ya know what? I’m gonna turn my life around today. I’m gonna exercise, limit my phone time, get all my math work done, and work on a self recreational project. I’m gonna rake my neighbors backyard then I’ll go back home, sit down in my most comfy chair after feeding my cat and dog, try some new food, and play Pokémon legends Arceus”

If only I wasn’t extremely f**king burnt out.

4. It’s never going to stop.


Facebook just saw its first decrease in usership so that might be taking care of itself.

But there’s always going to be another platform at this point.

3. How to choose?

Hunger, poverty, serious & chronic illness. Pick 1.

2. A vicious cycle.

Bad/abusive/toxic parent and child relationship. There’s too many children who are starving, hurting, alone, confused, belittled, abused, molested, and mentally destroyed at the hands of their parents. I would remove all of that to make sure every child has a chance to grow up in a healthier household and given a better chance to thrive.

I have an example for the people who don’t think it would do much. I am a sub and I have realized that children who have behavioral/learning/social problems more times than not we can see come from abusive/neglective homes. Also many foster homes children come out of the system with nobody to depend on, no help, and with severe abandonment issues and mental, emotional and possibly physical trauma.

1. This would improve our mental health, too.

24 hour news cycle.

News shouldn’t be a profit center in general. If the aim is to make a profit then content will be selected based on audience preferences.

Turns out, people like programming that entertains them and confirms their worldview – which makes for pretty shit “news”.

If only it could be that simple, just wishing something away right?

How would you answer this question?