16 People Share What Things They Most Associate With Australia

I bet you can guess that many of the things on this list are animals that are probably intent on killing us (and at least some of the answers are Steve Irwin), but there are tons of things I never would have thought of, too.

If you’re curious what things make people think of Australia, buckle up – these 16 people are ready to tell you!

16. It’s all part of the charm.

That coal-loving bitch of a prime minister. Three cities and a desert continent casually referred to as the outback.

15. Next level.


BNS bogans are next level.

14. My kids would be in trouble.

Its illegal to pee on ur rear left tire.

As it should be.

13. It’s all very colorful.

A lot of swearing.

Especially  c**t.

12. Like all beautiful interesting things.

Beautiful, interesting wildlife and most of it will happily kill you.

Don’t trust it if it has a cute look. Everything will either rip of your face or severely injure you here. Especially drop bears.

11. So many beautiful spots.


10. Like English but not really.

Turn on the Australian slang and it’s like encryption.

I grew up watching McLeod’s Daughters, so I always visualize that when I think of Australia. It’s the reason I always wanted to live there.

9. They’re never going to live that down.

I still can’t get over the fact you lost a war to emus.


We didn’t really lose a war though.

It wasn’t a case of “the emus were too strong” as much as the understaffed, under equipped people sent to do the job finally decided “Eff it, this is bs” and f**ked off home.

Which is honestly about as Australian as you can get.

8. A talented guy.


Sad that his other music wasn’t as big hits, talented guy with a lot of interesting music. I especially like ‘Coming Back’.

7. I smell bait.

It’s that island next to New Zealand. I think it’s a part of New Zealand or used to be. I’m not sure.

The only reason New Zealand allows Australia to have its own name is to prevent them from mixing their rugby.

6. A classic.

An Australian show I watched in middle school.

I think it was called dance academy, god the acting was so bad.

5. It’s terribly sad.

Sadly these days the first thing I think of when I hear “Australia” is the dying Great Barrier Reef.

Soon to be the Average Barrier Reef.

4. Friends from all over the world.

I play ESO. The guild I’m in has active players mainly from Australia (I’m ‘Murican). Every time I hear about something going on over there I think of my online friends.

3. Definitely an acquired taste.

Vegemite and chicken salt!

2. A few things.

Hot. Constant sun. No trees. Sunburns. Premature wrinkles. Opposite seasons.

Higher salaries. Expensive housing. Healthcare for all.

Funny accents. Surfing. Aboriginals.

Safer place during nuclear winter.

1. Everyone loves a good meme.

The upside down memes, and my country being forgotten in them.

I really want to go back for another visit now, how about you?

What do you associate with Australia? Share with us in the comments!