16 People Talk About the Things They Absolutely Hate

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It really bothers me when people define themselves by what they hate instead of what they love and enjoy, but we all have to admit that there are things out there in this great big world of ours that drive us insane.

Whether you choose to use the word “hate” or not, that’s your choice.

But these folks on AskReddit certainly weren’t holding back…

1. No more ads!

“When I click the “x” on the mobile ad and it takes me to the play store anyway. That and interactive ads that you can clear the first level in but it pretends you can play the second. Game companies are evil and I hate them.

2. This is a real concern.

“Health-related products with misleading (or fake) claims, also applied to people selling all that shit. Due to a family tragedy.

My cousin died because of a useless fitness supplement. She made a mistake and took more than she was supposed to. She was a healthy young beautiful woman, she was gonna marry a great man just one week ago (it happened half a year ago).

She took ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) from MyProtein, a dangerous fat-removing powder you have to take in small dosages. She thought it was grams, not milligrams [not really, see EDIT 1]. She was dead in 24 hours. And of course it has bullshit claims: it does nothing.”

3. Stupid is as stupid does.

“People who refuse to learn or admit that there’s a possibility they might be wrong when you show proof to them.

4. The worst.

“Rude customers who want the rules bent for them or not to pay full price because that’s not how “the other Starbucks” charges them (I work at Starbucks if that’s not obvious)

I’m just trying to do my job dude, I don’t even make a livable wage, stop getting mad because there’s a $0.70 up charge to make your drink with coconut milk.”

5. All fired up.


Autoplay Netflix previews, autoplay next podcast on Spotify, autoplay YouTube videos. I was reading the comments! Maybe I was trying to read the logline, Netflix. Maybe, I wanted to actually choose which podcast to listen to next. And even if you turn it off, it seems like it always finds a way to turn itself back on.

“Oh lEtS aDd a NeW fEaTuRe to mAkE eVeRyThInG AUtOpLAY dURR”


6. You’re not better than anyone else.

“People who go to shop at any retail place, restaurants or anywhere they are paying for a service and are rude to the employees or act as though they are superior to the people just trying to do their job.”

7. Am I the only one…

“When people say “Am I the only one who _____?”

Yes. You’re the only person out of billions of people that think Linkin Park is “awesome.”

In the comment section of a Linkin Park video.

The only one. Of all time.”

8. Then go do something about it.

“People who whine about something which is in their power to change and don’t.”

9. One of my biggest pet peeves.

“Left. Lane. Campers. Especially the ones that drive slower than the speed of traffic.”

10. All in your head…

“People that say “mental illness is all in your head” or “Just get out more, get fresh air, think better thoughts.”

Cool. When I’m hyperventilating and my heart is racing during a panic attack I’ll just remember ‘it’s all in my head’ and go for a freaking walk.

It’s called mental illness. But mental illnesses affect peoples bodies physically. They wouldn’t prescribe meds if you could just think your way out.”

11. I’m feeling this one.

“I also absolutely hate being woken up at night/not getting enough sleep. Nothing makes me feel more angry and annoyed than being sleep deprived.”

12. Here, here!

“Anything to do with the Kardashians or other “reality stars” stop giving these fucking idiots money!”

13. I just couldn’t make it…

“When people complain about the outcomes of elections, but didn’t actually vote, despite being eligible to vote.”

14. More ads!

“Unskippable ads or ads that have nothing to do with their product, just randomness to get your attention. You seriously think I’m going to buy your product now? I hate your company beyond measure and I will remember your stupidity for years to come!”

15. How much do you need?

“The rich and powerful who are willing to burn the world down just to have a little more wealth and a little more power.

It’s disgusting watching people cause such widespread suffering for so little in return.”

16. Out of my way.

“Lack of spatial awareness is the thing that drives me up the wall. I come from a family who will all just stop in the middle of an airport to open their bags, even if it’s in the middle of a very busy walkway. And now more recently, my girlfriend will just start backing up, regardless of what is behind her, often bumping into other people.

I always feel like I’m a guide when I’m with most people. With my family, I would always have to guide them to the side so they aren’t in people’s way, and with my girlfriend, I have to constantly have my hand on her back so that she doesn’t just start backing up.”

Well, at least they’re being honest, right?

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