16 People Talk About What Gets an Unwarranted Amount of Hate

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People are haters. Period.

It’s sad but true.

Some people hate on things because they don’t understand it. Other things get put down because they get too big or popular.

And some people hate things just because they’re negative and they like to be, well, dicks.

But some things out there get a lot of hatred and it doesn’t seem warranted.

Let’s take a look at what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Looking for some respect.

“Robert Pattinson. Sure, he got famous for the “Twilight” movies, and no, they’re not very good; but all of the weird independent films he’s made after that really scream that this poor guy just wants to be appreciated as an actor.”

2. Grosses some people out.

“The word ‘moist’.

I’m just describing this nice cake I’m eating and you’re acting like I’m reciting ancient curses from the Satanic bible.”

3. Remember them?

“The most celebrated Canadian alt-rock band of the mid 1990s, the Barenaked Ladies.”

4. Don’t hate the player.

“Basically anything that everyone under the age of 15 is into.

The irony is, the majority/plurality of people that hate on it; the thing that they were into at that age was the thing the Internet hated at that time in the same way.

“fortnite bad minecraft good”? I remember when Reddit (and the Internet in general) didn’t like Minecraft because it was full of “cringy pre-teens” in the exact same way that Fortnite is “hated” now.

I guarantee you, in 5-7 years time, Fortnite will be seen in the same way as Minecraft is seen now. It happened with Minecraft, it happened with Call of Duty, it happened with Runescape, it happened with Halo.

Heck, the likes of World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons always used to be stereotyped as “that game that only loser nerds in their mom’s basement play” (which was a dumb assumption to begin with), but now anyone and their dog can say they have an account/campaign and no-one bats an eye – you’d be raked over the coals for admitting that a decade or so ago.”

5. I love ’em!


I eat them regularly since I was a kid and it just blows my mind that there are people who take eating vegetables as punishment or they need to “learn” to like it or cook it because somehow they find it disgusting in raw state. I cant imagine not eating at least one kind of vegetable once a day.”

6. Nothing wrong with it.

“Shitty Beer.

Look, no one is making you drink bud light or coors. You can also choose not to drink if the beer that is provided to you is that bad.

I say this as a person who drinks way more than I should and chooses not to drink shitty beer.”

7. Don’t worry about it.

“Pop music.

Don’t like Taylor Swift? Don’t listen to her music. It has literally never, in the entire breadth of human history, been easier to find music that fits your taste.”

8. Yeah, this is weird.

“iPhone/ Android hatred.

Who the f cares what phone other people have!? I like my apple.

Why do people have to tell me their Android is superior and my phone is trash when they see that?!”

9. Another shot?

“People who have been in jail.

I mean they already paid for their crime. Can we let them have a regular job and  join society again without spitting on them for the rest of their life?”

10. Girly?

“Probably late to this, but I felt I should add, Men who are into “girly” things.

Like any male who likes something “girly” instantly gets criticized by the entirety of society, including their own parents, like wtf is up with this?”

11. Bang your head!

“Most metal bands.

Worst thing is, people who don’t listen to metal couldn’t give less fucks about these bands.

It’s the damn metalheads always criticizing bands for changing their sound too much or always sounding the same, or for sounding too much like other bands, or not sounding enough like their genre, or switching genres, or changing their aesthetic or not changing it, or being posers, or the feared going mainstream.

It’s like metal bands get a free pass on their first album and from there on it’s the shit avalanche.”

12. Teen stuff.


Especially teenage girls who dress similarly and act similarly. It happens in every single generation and will happen until the end of time. Everyone that age is impressionable and wants to fit in. You probably were too. It’s a part of life.

Grow up, stop gatekeeping everything, and stop trying to make them feel even more insecure all the time, especially if they aren’t even doing anything to you.

I saw a grown man the other day refer to a teenage girl wearing leggings and a generic “teenager-ish” outfit as an “abortion that should have been” and she didn’t even interact with this person, or really do anything at all. What kind of psychopath says that about a kid??

If you don’t like them, who cares. They’re teenagers. If you let teenagers just existing piss you off, you have a problem.”

13. I love Florida!


The Florida weirdness is a result of a transparency in government law that releases police report data to the public almost immediately (scrubbed of identifying information to protect privacy IIRC). That’s why you get all the “Florida Man _____” headlines where other states don’t have them. The state police were required to issue a bulletin and the news wires just babysit the feed waiting for interesting stories.”

14. I’m not a fan…

“Pineapple on pizza!

It’s actually weird cause so many people eat weird things together, but pineapple on pizza gets hate for some reason.”

15. Have some fun!

“Old people doing young people trends.

They just want to be a part of the fun.”

16. They do get a lot of hate.


The only explanation I ever heard for all they hate they get was that they were on the radio all the time.

This maybe due to the (done zero research on this) Canada having to air Canadian artists for a certain % of airtime. Heard the same of Bieber.

A reason the US hated on them is they also had an insane amount of airtime on radios because their music (studio/producer/whatever) was cheaper than most. And, like other commenters have pointed out, they are pretty talented.

So they were just hard to escape if there was a radio nearby.”

Some very interesting replies there…

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