16 People Who Hid Big Secrets Until After Their Marriage

Most people want to make sure there are no surprises after saying ‘I do,’ because honestly, both parties are supposed to be invested in each other’s happiness.

Apparently that’s not always the case, as is proven by these 16 people, who kept major secrets until it was too late to turn back.

16. Sell that woman to the circus!

That she can juggle. I mean, damn…she can juggle up to five things at once. Told me she learned it in theatre arts in high school…and she thinks its no big deal.

I found out when I jokingly tossed a lemon to her in the kitchen and then followed with another right away.

She just grabbed both and started to juggle…I tossed two more and she kept right on going.

15. Sounds like a sociopath.

My ex husband failed to mention that his first marriage ended because he cheated on her three weeks in, that he hadn’t been to Afghanistan, that his sister was actually still alive, and so much more.

14. At least she trusts you now.

That she is bisexual.

She apparently didn’t think I would be accepting, so she waited til a year and a half in. Not even mad.

13. As it should.

I’m about to get married and this thread makes me worried…

12. She’s so accepting.

This is hard to talk about.

My beloved husband… he… LOVES country music. I seriously didn’t find out until after we were married. Before hand, we’d listen to rock and heavy metal and oldies. Then, he just dropped that bomb on me. It was a nightmare.

At some point, we just agreed to disagree and to never talk about it.

He goes to concerts and shows without me, and that is just fine.

11. I don’t understand people like this.

That she pretty much only married me to raise her two children from two previous marriages.

Took me 18 years to learn that one but now she doesn’t want to be a wife or a mother as I’ll be keeping the 16 year old we had together so at least I got that going for me….

10. Did she really think he wouldn’t find out?

Divorced now, but she hid a bankruptcy, that she was a recovering coke addict, and two additional divorces from me until after we married (I thought I was hubby #2, I actually was hubby #4.)

9. I wish this surprised me re: the police.

Well thankfully I didn’t marry her but we were engaged and 2 months before getting married she unleashed her violent tendencies. She would hit me if I ever argued with her and when I told her to stop she would hit harder.

I also found out that she had a bipolar issue thus her abusing me and would also cut herself and when I tried to break off the marriage because of this she threatened to kill herself.

I called the cops when she pulled a knife out and threatened to hurt me and herself. She told them that I had been hurting her and when I told them what was really happening they laughed and took me to jail.

I eventually had enough of her sh%t and didn’t care what happened and got the f*ck out of there. Best decision of my life.

8. That’s a lot of money.

$80,000 in IRS debt. Not a good day when I found out…

7. …but he married her anyway.

First wife was in deep denial about her own sexuality. But married me and had two children to prove to her mother that she was a good daughter.

Completely f*cked up, I know. The charade was over by year seven and we had two healthy children.

Second wife was deeply in debt up to her eyeballs and hid it from me. I found out about it when I answered a call from a debt collector the day before we got married.

6. It was Click and Clack, wasn’t it.

Oh my god. My husband his that his favorite radio show was car talk and that we would have to listen to it every Saturday morning. Every Saturday until I left for college, my dad made me listen to that show.

When I graduated, I thought, “at last. I’ll never have to listen to that on a Saturday morning again.” I was wrong. I’ll have to listen to it every time my husband catches a rerun until they stop playing them or until the end of time.

5. Smart woman.

She hid the fact that she’d bought me a PS3, Oblivion, Infamous, and Fallout 3 as a wedding present until we got home from our honeymoon.

4. That’s a tough one.

That she really disliked s^x and hasn’t given a bj since the night before the wedding.

3. She must really love him.

He likes snacking in bed.

Discovered this on the honeymoon when I woke up at two in the morning to him eating an entire can of pringles, spraying crumbs everywhere, in the covers, rather than at the table in our room.

Still trying to break him of that habit with little success. I sometimes wake up with popcorn kernels in my hair.

2. With friends like that…

My ex was an indifferent Episcopalian. Never, ever went to church, and laughed at me for all my beliefs.

Six years into marriage I finally have my atheist epiphany (for all my own reasons), and he promptly divorces me telling everyone it’s because he can’t be with someone who isn’t religious.

Two years later I find out he is married to my ex-best friend and they were f*cking for the entire last year of my marriage. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess my non-beliefs had nothing to do with our problems.

1. My condolences.

My wife doesn’t like Mario Kart.

Be honest with your partners, my friends – otherwise, divorce is in your future.

And, you know, if someone pulls this crap on you, don’t be afraid to get divorced.