16 People Who Shared Way Too Much on Social Media

You know the type of person we’re talking about, right? The ones that share all of the personal details of their lives, relationships, kid’s lives, pet’s medical issues, what’s for dinner every night, the whole nine yards – it’s almost a brand, for some folks.

That said, there’s oversharing and then there’s making people wish they could bleach their eyeballs and brains, and these 16 people are teetering awfully close to the latter.

16. I think that’s about the only appropriate response.

I would murder my husband for this, true or not.

This was posted in my small town’s FB group
byu/yoloswag4science inNobodyAsked

15. Alright well, we all feel sorry for your friends now.

Also I don’t think that’s what it was meant to be used for, but okay.

Good for her
byu/jaytix1 inihavesex

14. Give this woman her Pulitzer.

And Kleenex should be sending her a lifetime supply.

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13. Literally no one asked, and I promise no one wants to know.

In response to a post about the weather, no less.

No better time to have scabies than when it’s rainy
byu/martpogboi inNobodyAsked

12. This is definitely a question for only your closest friends.

And even then, only after you’ve had a few drinks.

11. I’d be willing to bet neither of these people are actually having sex.

That, or they’re males under the age of 16.

Sex is having
byu/couplefromspace inihavesex

10. First of all, eyeroll.

Second, who has SEX during TIGER KING?

Typical Cardi
byu/Buabue1 inNobodyAsked

9. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this person might need a therapist.

Or a long chat with their mother.

Regional Manager at Sex😎
byu/sadsquidd inihavesex

8. This is the sort of review no artists needs be made aware of.

Why on earth would she want to know that?

byu/ladymeap inNobodyAsked

7. As a wife who occasionally drinks and bakes, this is bullsh*t.

First of all…you know what, you can figure it out.

Living the dream
byu/Olkenstein inihavesex

6. Bless his heart.

Maybe Susan was bats, too, so he was reminded?

F. But who asked thou?
byu/Anvil93 inNobodyAsked

5. Oh my god please stop.

Which is exactly what the person at the pharmacy was thinking too.

Posted by a guy I went to high school with, putting him in his mid 30s. Outstanding.
byu/Keltadin inihavesex

4. Mom counted the condoms! Damn!

She’s not playing around with any excuses, kiddo!

Mom found out
byu/Joey911 inihavesex

3. This is a sad one.

She probably just wanted talk about him.

2. I guess it’s no good not related to making sure people know you have sex.

Humans are so ridiculous y’all I cannot.

Found one in the wild. I guess it’s only good after sex.
byu/chuckrussell inihavesex

1. So…none of us are supposed to talk about our good mothers?

I’m all for being sensitive, but yeesh.

What am I supposed to do? Never talk about my family on the internet?
byu/AngryManRichard inNobodyAsked

I’m honestly kind of sorry I shared these, because there’s no going back now.

Do you have an over-sharer in your online life? Tell us the most appalling thing they’ve posted in the coments!