16 Photos Of Really Weird Plants — It’s Like They Forgot How to Be Plants

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We all forget how to be our best selves (and for a few minutes a day, I think it’s important to take a few deep breaks and imagine that none of our responsibilities are weighing us down).

That said, these 16 plants are really taking things too far. They’re still plants, after all…they need to, you know, be plants.

Not whatever this nonsense is.

16. I just have no idea how this happened.

Which makes sense, since I am not a botanist.

Twisted tree I saw on a walk

15. That is one angry vine.

What did that grape ever do to you, my friend?

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14. If divorced trees can find a way to share, can’t you?

Co-parenting at its finest.

2 trees, 1 branch

13. You’re actually supposed to go TOWARD the light.

No, the other light.

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12. Life finds a way.

Listen to Jeff Goldblum, people. He is wise.

Tree growing under paint

11. Talk about taking the long way around.

He got there eventually, and that’s what matters.

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10. Definitely flower siblings.

No one wanted to move over and give up the “good” spot.

9. Idk those look pretty fancy.

You could definitely use them for some interesting and yummy drinks.

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8. More proof that we’re prettier when we get along.

And also what happens if you plant two horny flowers together in one pot.

My husband picked me flowers two days in a row. They ended up in the same small vase. Then this happened…

7. That’s what’s known as eating your own kind.

Cannibal trees for the nightmare win.

My mom’s boyfriend cut down a dead tree and found another tree inside

6. They are not on the same side.

One of them angered Mother Nature.

Only the trees on the right side of the street have leaves on them

5. This strawberry had big dreams.

I wonder if the seed looked like a caterpillar.

This Strawberry Looks Like a Butterfly

4. There’s for sure something up, here.

It’s definitely witchcraft.

Due to years of beaver damage, this tree now looks like it is melting.

3. I think this lemon might have regrets.

But who I am to judge a fate worse or better than being squeezed and eaten?

This lemon grew inside of our bug-zapper

2. Is it a lemon? Is it a squash?

Are we sure it’s not some gross worm?

Our lemon tree never fails to produce amusing lemons

1. Oh my goodness this looks like a one-eyed face.

Thanks for the nightmares, nature.

That’s one hungry tree!

These are too funny, and you know…I sort of identify.

With plants. Who knew?