16 Posts That Prove Twitter Still Has Jokes

Even if the prevailing opinion these days is that Twitter is moonwalking toward the exit as far as online relevance, there are still quite a few people there making decent cracks as the ship goes down.

Who knows how many more of these lists we’ll be able to make, so let’s enjoy these 16 funny recent posts!

16. This is too accurate.

Not a one of you can argue with me.

15. You can’t look away.

It’s just fascinating.

14. The kind of friends we all need.

Take notes!

13. And your point?

Who needs to know math formulas, anyway?

12. This is me when literally anyone knocks on my door.

Unless they’re coming to babysit.

11. They’re fine.

Not really, but mostly.

10. I hate fruit flies.

They are the absolute bane of my existence.

9. You’re older than you think you are.

Fair warning.

8. Just peeking through.

You know she ain’t staying, though.


7. I would have emptied that bowl as a kid.

Or you know. As a grown adult.

6. This seems very specific and personal.

I bet I can guess the birth month of the person who hurt you.

5. I don’t know if it’s my favorite thing.

But it’s definitely up there.

4. Too many of us feel that.

It’s probably better that way, though.

3. Sounds like my 3yo.

He will never use the right to remain silent.

2. Funny how that works.

Don’t think too hard about it.

1. Can’t be resting on our laurels.

Too expensive to live these days.

Yeah, I’m going to miss little gems like these.

Which one was your favorite? Are you going to quietly exit the platform or quietly hang around? Tell us in the comments!