16 Reasons People Believe in Astrology

Some people – maybe even a lot of people – are derisive when talking about people who live their lives by their astrological charts.

They use them to understand their (and other people’s) personalities, to guess what the next move might be in their career or personal life, and a hundred things in between.

And while there are reasons to be suspicious of the truth behind it all, astrology isn’t much different from the more traditional religions embraced by millions around the world, right?

Here are 16 people who believe, telling you the reasons they don’t feel at all silly for doing just that.

16. There’s something to it.

It’s fun! I never take it seriously, but I think there is something to it.

15. It’s really that simple.

If people are allowed to believe in a big man in the sky, then people are allowed to believe that heavenly bodies can dictate things too.

14. The pull of gravity.

You know how the moon’s gravitational pull is so powerful the water bulges off the earth and causes tides, and tides shape entire species and ecosystems?

And ya know how we’re made mostly of water?

I don’t believe it as a certainty, but I would be willing to bet if we had the technology to analyze it, being immersed in a swirling torrent of goliath celestial bodies probably has some kind of non-zero influence on our squishy meat suits.

Again, I do not believe in astrology as a science. But I think saying you aren’t influenced in any way by being in a celestial soup is a bit like ants saying they aren’t influenced by World War 2. Ya are, ya just can’t tell because that sh%ts too big.

13. It’s consistent.

As a non-religious person that grew up trying to attach my beliefs to a higher form of spiritualism, but cannot believe in deities and religious archives, Astrology is the only thing that has consistently matched up to who I am or how I’m feeling at a certain time.

I used to be more into astrology, but now I only pay attention when I’m looking for guidance. I still hold doubt in it, and I don’t believe it to be 100% factual, but it’s harmless, has offered me advice when I needed it that has correlated to how I’m feeling, and I genuinely find it interesting.

And I cannot understand how people can so blindly worship a “God”, but just laugh off Astrology. I find it much more probable that the planetary alignments are affecting me based on their position and pull, rather than a God magically creating all life in the universe. Like… think about that. Why does astrology get such bullshit when we literally believe in imaginary beings that just created life because they were bored. At least the planets exist. At least the universe is there all around us.

Also, the moon has lots of affects on the earth and our tides and maybe even our emotions. Maybe other planets do too?

12. There is merit.

I believe there’s some merit in it: not because I believe in destiny or fate, but because of two major points/possibilities:

  1. it seems plausible that people born during the same time of year could develop similar attitudes. Perhaps having a birthday in the winter, when it’s cold and people are dying, makes you more cynical, or more X.
  2. it seems plausible that you could measure these subtle things in the environment and then simply report what you found. Anyone unaware you were making the measurements would think you were a wizard. Think: card counting

I’m not saying either of these things are true, more like I think it could be true

11. Because of spite.

Its interesting and its fun.

That’s it.

Ngl though, I’m becoming more interested/open about it just to spite those who have issue with it- which is a large amount of people for some reason.

If you’re intolerant and rude towards someone for having an interest, you’re an a$shole.

10. It’s simple fun.

i don’t do astrology but i like tarot and i like it because it’s more fun to believe it and it’s not harming anyone so why not.

for astrology i think people also do it because it’s a trend.

9. Because it’s accurate.

I was given a multi-page personalized one as a gift. It was made plugging in the time and lat/long of my birth. Was pretty spooky spot-on. My cousin was gifted one too and hers was wildly different from mine but also very accurate to her.

I don’t let it drive my life to any extent, but it’s interesting and the generic ones on the internet are fun.

8. It’s compelling.

I don’t treat it as gospel, but I am compelled by it. And oftentimes I find it has some truth with myself and my friends

That being said, I can understand why people are skeptical.

And that’s perfectly fine, so long as they aren’t assholes about it.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty harmless

7. Grey areas are cool.

I’m a super rationale person, I’m governed by logic and science.

But I really like astrology. I like how it doesn’t fit a pattern of logic but somehow feels right. Like a puzzle piece from another box that somehow fits the puzzle you’re working on. It might not make sense, but it is what it is.

I like how it’s nonsense but at the same time connects with me. In a world where everything in my life needs to make sense and conform to reality, I like that I can stop and pause and read about myself in a way that helps me understand myself for no good reason whatsoever.

I’m comforted by the grey area it lives in.

6. It just feels right.

so I know this isn’t answering the question, but looking at the answers got me to look up what I am and read through what supposedly my behaviors were.

I will admit that several times I was like “huh that’s actually pretty accurate”.

Then I looked back and realized that it was a pretty even split between the number of descriptors that fit decently well and the ones that didn’t, and all of the descriptors were pretty general anyway so even if I were to pick a sign at random I would probably be pretty close to a somewhat decent description.

5. We all need a tribe.

I think is something related to the need of belong to a larger group with some common ‘identifiable’ characteristic.

Some people uses sports teams, some other their nationality, and some the zodiac, etc.

4. You can use it to work on yourself.

I believe in Zodiac but I don’t think you have to be exactly like your sun sign. You could relate more to your moon and ascendant. For example, I’m a taurus and I actually am pretty stubborn. I like relaxing and eating. But I’m not possessive or jealous and I’m not gonna use my sign as an excuse for liking to argue.

I’m also a very sensitive person and I cry a lot. I didn’t know my moon sign (rules your emotions) was Cancer until a year ago and I was like okay, well that makes sense. Again I don’t use it as an excuse for me crying a lot.

People who are genuinely educated in Astrology aren’t going to use their signs as an excuse to be an ass, but we can use the “negative traits” we might possess to self reflect and work on ourselves

3. Don’t underestimate the power of control.

It’s fun and doesn’t hurt anyone else. There’s also a difference between believing and interpreting what is written. I find it brings a sense of control.

2. An interesting notion.

It’s because we’re made of the stars, so why wouldn’t the movement of the stars have an impact on our lives? I’m not talking the generic stuff you read in magazines but getting a full on natal chart done. It’s not so crazy, is it?

he moon is a celestial body that has a tangible effect on physical things like the tides, but on people’s psyches (hence the term lunacy).

1. Don’t knock it until you try to understand it.

I do and I don’t for the fact that I talked to an astrologist that explained astrology is like religion and politics: that most people have very strong feelings about it, but in truth, don’t know much about what they’re talking about.

It takes an experienced, qualified reader to understand the nuances and characteristics of each sign. I was surprised to see all the Zodiac signs and descriptions nicely included in an old copy of “The Companion Bible.”

I think there’s something to be said for letting people live here, don’t you think?

If you’re a believer in astrology, tell us why in the comments!