16 Wonderful Rescued Pets Who Found Their Forever Home

Image Credit: Reddit

There’s something so magical about the moment a dog or cat realizes that it’s home with its family and it never has to leave. Who knows whether or not they really think in those terms, but looking at these 16 faces, there’s no doubt they know they’re loved.

There are thousands of pets waiting for homes, and more who will need their spots at the shelter, too. When you’re ready to add a new family member, adopt don’t shop!

16. Of course he did!

Grandma got a new bestfriend. "He chose me." from aww

15. They are definitely going to make their case.

First time cat owner. I used to think I was a dog person, but I think I may have been wrong. from cats

14. I bet I can guess which he prefers.

Meet Butters. Yesterday he was a tough street kitten. Today he’s the proud owner of a queen size bed. from aww

13. I really hope that’s his name.

Adopted this little croissant today 🙂 from aww

12. Resting grump face.

We adopted this gorgeous (albeit, grumpy) 15 year old girl today. Previous owners could no longer take care of her. Here she is settling into her new forever home! from aww

11. Their names are perfection.

Recently visited a college friend and he adopted these adorable kitties, brother and sister. Meet Lucifer and Lillith! from cats

10. They know a good thing when they see it.

Rescued two kittens from different litters & caught this moment just two days after bringing them home. We stopped worrying if they would bond or not after that. Fozzy (orange) & Arthur (Grey) been inseparable since! from aww

9. How to save a life and improve your own in the process!

Trapped this feral kitten at work to save it from the exterminator. Now she has a great home and I’ve got a great kitten! Everybody wins! from cats

8. That cat is going to be the best kind of trouble.

Welcome Mr Tiggs my wife adopted him as his previous owner wanted him gone. Mr Tiggs has made himself feel quite at home on my bed. from cats

7. Two happy boys.

When i rescued Icarus, i was hoping he would like me, and i hoped he was a cuddle bug. I think i got my wish. pupper is out cold from aww

6. How could she be overlooked for so long?

Suki was in care for 8 years before I adopted her, and I couldn’t love this little goblin more. from aww

5. I mean she’s kind of a failure at being a cat but that’s okay.

Meet Luna Lovefood our adopted fur baby. Yes, that is a wild mouse on her head. from cats

4. I’m betting it doesn’t slow her down.

This is Wednesday, the rescue kitten with only one eye. from aww

3. Oh my goodness that precious face.

Tell me the story of how I was rescued again from aww

2. It looks like its forever.

Best Friends since yesterday from aww

1. The picture of contentment.

My friend adopted this sweet baby and I think you all needed to see it from aww

If only I had a bigger house, I’d be heading to add another friend right now!

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