Once upon a time, a comedian stopped a random woman on the subway in the UK and asked her to sing “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. She gave it her best shot — and now she’s famous.

The woman’s name is Charlotte Awbery, and if you haven’t heard her name by now, it’s only a matter of time. This woman is destined for pop stardom.

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Charlotte took the internet by storm when a clip went viral of her singing “Shallow” completely spontaneously. It was pure random chance that comedian Kevin Freshwater happened to stop Charlotte on the subway and prompted her to sing the song on camera. He could’ve stopped any regular woman with any regular singing ability, but nope, he picked Charlotte!

After the video exploded on the internet, people tracked down Charlotte’s name. It turns out that she’s been a professional singer for 15 years. She worked part-time doing countless gigs to pay the bills, but singing has always been her passion.

But she never got her big break, until now. Thanks to one short video, Charlotte has gained over 100,000 followers on Instagram; she has performed on Ellen; she even has a fanbase nicknamed “Charlotte’s Web.”

“I’ve had so many jobs,” Charlotte said on the UK talk show Lorraine. “I’ve been a chauffeur, a barmaid. I used to do that during the week and sing [on the] weekend.”

This new fame caught her completely off-guard. “I was literally on my way to meet my friend,” she said on Ellen. “I’m absolutely overwhelmed by all of this.”

Being a professional singer full-time has been Charlotte’s dream since she was a little girl. She plans to release an official cover of “Shallow,” of course — but she hopes eventually to release her own music, too.

UPDATE: She was on the Ellen show!

And now she’s doing Instagram LIVE sessions, doing cover songs and they are beautiful!