16 Times People Put A Sick Burn On Someone

Image Credit: Reddit

There are many uses for words, but I have to say, one of my favorite ones is when clever people use them to completely obliterate someone who deserves to be roasted.

It’s funny, it’s timely, and it’s a perfect use of the English language. Just take a look at these 16 sick burns and tell me it’s not true.

16. Wendy’s is straight savage.

Their Twitter account is goals.

Wendy’s, back at it again
byu/BlueDragon1813 inMurderedByWords

15. When you make your opponents point…

And it still goes right over your head.

Yes. Great point. Yes.
byu/iBeavy inMurderedByWords

14. It’s kind of a complicated question.

I mean, I have a garage and my parents could probably loan me that kind of cash, but I still probably couldn’t start Amazon.

Bezos received a small loan of 3,00,000 from parents and a million dollars from relatives in 1995
byu/ahivarn inMurderedByWords

13. Jason Alexander has had enough of you.

And he’s clever in his retorts, too.

My local newspaper, murdered by Jason Alexander.
byu/veoss1 inMurderedByWords

12. You didn’t die yet, have a smoke.

That’s just downright depressing.

[deleted by user]
by inMurderedByWords

11. When you want to talk about video games but you’ve never played a video game.

Don’t do this you guys. You look like a fool every time.

ViDeO gAmEs CaUsE vIoLeNcE
by inMurderedByWords

10. I’m going to guess this isn’t going to work out.

Girl has no chill and I’m here for it.

Poor Timothy 🙁 – Found on r/tinder
byu/blodger42 inMurderedByWords

9. There’s no coming back from that.

Just slink off into the night. Or go adopt a dog – I hear they love you no matter what.

Does this constitute as a murder?
by inMurderedByWords

8. This is just uncalled for.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

That’s tough.
byu/Mz_dankness inMurderedByWords

7. Who is writing these things and how much are they getting paid?

Because I’ll write the real ones for free.

This is absolutely awful what insurance companies do with insulin
byu/1XavierStealth inMurderedByWords

6. I have a theory about why Bernie is funny.

It’s because he’s actually Larry David.

Sometimes pictures are worth 1000 words
byu/Neth110 inMurderedByWords

5. I am absolutely wheezing.

Some things are a matter of taste, I guess.

Nick Cannon
by inMurderedByWords

4. It’s low key but well crafted.

That’s not an easy type of humor to pull off.

That’s gon leave a mark
byu/LongSearch inMurderedByWords

3. When you start dating you should be aware that these people exist.

Both of them, honestly.

Epic gamer moment
byu/coolband234 inMurderedByWords

2. We all have to get our kicks somehow.

It’s nice to know there are restaurants out there that have our backs.

1. Absolutely nobody wins.

Except I guess the makeup artists because they got paid.

I know a murder when I see one
byu/houndbowl inMurderedByWords

I aspire to one day be this clever, y’all

What’s best burn you ever witnessed or perpetrated? Tell us in the comments!