13 Dog Memes for the Goodest Boys and Girls

Source: @milamiarose on Twitter

There are dog people and cat people and (shudder) bird people, and even though everyone knows the best people are the ones who love every single animal around town, sometimes you gotta give the dog lovers in the house an extra boop.

These 13 memes are enough to have you spinning in circles trying to catch your tail!

13. We just fall into our destinies sometimes.

If you look good in a tie it just happens.

12. There’s no accounting for taste.

I mean maybe there’s something we don’t understand?

11. It probably works better than a leash, honestly.

10. It’s so sweet that it takes nothing to make them happy.

Makes you want to give them a treat, doesn’t it?

9. That sweet face I want him to get one!

Turtles are tricky.

8. That face is killing me.

I will pray that Charlie has the happiest life ever.

7. Nobody gives better hugs than your dog.

Even if they really are annoyed by your behavior.

6. That would be really hot though seriously.

Middle-aged woman comments.

5. Dogs will always love you back.

And a new dog is so exciting!

4. He’s just angry you’re leaving.

There’s definitely going to be poop somewhere when she gets home.

3. But if you ask him if he needs to go outside he’s suddenly deaf.

Just like my grandfather.

2. This is a doggo protest sign if I’ve ever seen one.

He looks really serious about it, too.

1. This is a beautiful picture.

And then you see it.

I love my dog, you guys, and these are just perfect.

What’s the funniest thing your dog does? Let’s trade stories in the comments!