16 Tech Support Gurus Share the Worst Cases They’ve Been Assigned

Image Credit: Reddit

Listen, I could never work in tech support. First and foremost, I could not do this because I am not that computer savvy, but second, I couldn’t help people all day who just won’t help themselves.

I did that for years answering phones in a call center, and I shall never get back all of those pieces of my soul.

These 16 heroes are out there doing the lord’s work, though, and so the least we can do is laugh with them at their most terrible stories.

16. There’s not understanding computers, and then there’s this.

This is just physics.

“My fan was making too much noise!”
byu/ako_123 intechsupportgore

15. I think that needs to be assigned to a different department.

Animal control, perhaps.

Ticket said “Camera flickers to fuzzy brown image often”
byu/RandomITpro intechsupportgore

14. Did a three year old turn in this ticket?

And what exactly was all over their hands?

I should tell them it’s not a touch screen…
byu/benjo1989 intechsupportgore

13. You’re telling me no one else could figure out why?

And who on earth put that in there to begin with?!

“The printer isn’t working”
byu/MirrorlikeTent intechsupportgore

12. Where on earth does this person work?

In the desert? A mine? An anthill?

“My PC shut off suddenly and won’t turn back on.”
byu/Rennsport_Dota intechsupportgore

11. If she only “thought” she smelled burning she should have her nose checked.

It is literally screaming for help.

End user had a heater next to the PC which was randomly shutting off and she thought she had smelled burning a couple of times. It is literally screaming
byu/Dragon_Khan intechsupportgore

10. Seems like a good place to keep it.

Honestly, considering some offices, it really might be a good place to keep it idk.

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9. That would have been the day I quit my job.

Seriously, where do you even start?

I can’t even…
byu/TheAnswerToYang intechsupportgore

8. Got a little crazy with those scissors.

Those packages are infuriating, though.

One of my co-workers was eager to unpack her new mouse.
byu/mrfoyl intechsupportgore

7. And you thought your earbud tangle was bad.

This is a legit nightmare.

Hospital server room
byu/The_Revolutionary intechsupportgore

6. Really? The space heater was what you noticed?

This makes my stomach hurt, ugh. Close call.

“My space heater stopped working”
byu/Majahzi intechsupportgore

5. Did they think those things were antennae?

And…they think speakers need antennae for what?

First day on job; set up those 4 wireless speakers for you.
byu/UsablePizza intechsupportgore

4. Where do you even begin?

And who thought that was a good idea?

Professional cabling at pepsi
byu/D787 intechsupportgore

3. That is horrifying.

And an accurate description, I think.

Ancient Temple of Asus
byu/1Darkest_Knight1 intechsupportgore

2. Surely they have SOME idea?

Although, as a former customer, I can’t say for sure that they do.

AT&T has no idea why their DSL services is so poor. It must be my wires in my house. No I don’t think so.
byu/zenbanjoman intechsupportgore

1. Spoiler alert: it was not a good spot.

Nor is that a good color for a candle, to be honest.

I need somewhere to set this candle….oh here’s a good spot!
byu/kjb0419 intechsupportgore

I am dying, y’all. How can you answer these tickets without laughing (or dying inside, or both)?

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Please share your funny stories in the comments!