Fans Wouldn’t Stop Criticizing Adele for Her Recent Weight Loss, So Her Trainer Defended Her Online

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Adele is known for her strong voice and passionate music. She sings about the trials and tribulations of love and romance, and about the virtues of knowing how to pick oneself up after things don’t work out.

She’s also known for her former voluptuous figure.


She first gave hints about her weight loss journey around the holiday season.


But it was her birthday picture that truly broke the internet.


Fans and other critics quickly began debating about what Adele’s weight-loss might mean for those who considered her a voice for body positivity.

Some fans were upset because they felt that many people were congratulating Adele for her weight loss and not her talent.

But a lot of people came to Adele’s defense.

Others pointed out that it’s irrational for people to suddenly make a fuss out of Adele’s weight loss.

Amid all of the hoopla, Adele’s former personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, came to the singer’s defense in an Instagram post.


In the post, he praised her for always being herself and committing to a healthy lifestyle because of her son.

She wanted to address health issues that were a result of her pregnancy and because of a surgery. Adele then moved to Los Angeles, and her London-based trainer explained that this life change obviously inspired her to make other eating and exercise choices.

In short, he’s happy that her weight-loss journey went well and wants fans to cool it.

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It could help us all shift the conversation about body image.