16 Things People Wish They Hadn’t Learned

In general, people like learning new things, and knowing new things. It’s good for our brains to always be expanding and processing new knowledge; after all, we have all of our lives to learn as much as we can.

Some facts, though, are better off left in the dark, if you ask me – and these 16 people definitely agree.

If you want to know the things they wish they didn’t, gird your loins and read on.

16. This has always scared me.

aneurysms can happen to anyone at any time for no reason and can burst at anytime for no reason.

Partner passed of one earlier this year. We were talking in bed, I went to use the bath, she went to make coffee. Heard a crash.

15. They will outlive us.

Cockroaches can fly at 5km per hour and can live 3 weeks without their head. They eventually die of starvation.

They have a main brain in their head and also a primitive brain near their abdomen. Cockroaches also pre-date grass.

The last one is not that scary but kinda scary knowing they’ve been here so long so getting them out will be harder and they will probably outlive humans.

14. A terrible choice, even for a rat.

There was an experiment once where, every hour, a rat had to choose between getting fed or having the pleasure nerve of its brain stimulated.

And the rat being tested starved every time.

It’s pretty interesting but also kind of sad. Thanks, Freeman’s Mind.

13. He can’t bring it up first…

That my dad likely has terminal brain cancer.

I was setting up his MyChart for him and stumbled upon the information.

12. Go straight to the doctor.

The way rabies kills, once you have symptoms, you’re already dead.

11. Definitely don’t Google it.

Tapeworm faces are absolutely terrifying.

10. It can look invisible.

It’s harder to recognize suicidal people than you’d think.

I don’t really regret knowing this, but it’s a depressing fact nonetheless.

9. Until 12-24 hours later, anyway.

From my first job at KFC …….you cant really tell the chicken is spoiled once you put it in the fryer.

8. Well this is just rude to share.

The strange pistachio you get every few nuts, the one that tastes a bit funny is because a navel orange worm died inside of it. Sorry.

Just think about eating it’s cute furry head next time.

7. This is actually quite sad.

Every time you think of a fond memory, you rewrite that memory in your brain.

And with time it will slowly deviate more and more from what you originally remembered, without you ever knowing it.

6. Because it definitely happens.

There are regulations on how much ground up cockroach may be in coffee…

Not if…. how much…

Same goes for a ton of things. Flour, rice, etc. Acceptable amounts. It’s legit unavoidable.

5. Hey, good for them.

My parents are swingers, and now well Into their 70’s…

4. Because they’re not human? What the heck.

Doctors performed surgeries on infants without anesthesia until the ’80s, they thought the babies couldn’t feel pain.

3. Maybe more than one drink.

Every year thousands of children write to Santa Clause.

One of the most requested things children ask for on their Christmas lists is a dad.

This hurts. I’m going to get a drink.

2. A chilling detail.

When David Foster Wallace hanged himself on his back porch, he tied his hands together with duct tape so that even if he changed his mind at the last minute, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

He had been struggling with severe mental health issues for more than a decade, so it was sad but not surprising when he finally succeeded in committing su*cide.

I just wish I didn’t know that detail about the duct tape.

1. That must have been hell for pirates.

Because your body uses vitamin c to make collagen, which holds your skin together and makes scar tissue, when you get scurvy your old wounds reopen.

Why do we do things to ourselves like read these threads? Ugh!

Since we’re already on this path, add your own terrible facts down in the comments.