16 ‘Tiger King’ Tweets That Might Be Missing From Your Life

Image Credit: Twitter

There can be no doubt that, no matter how terrible it actually is, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is exactly the documentary we all needed at this trying time in our lives.

It is a complete car wreck. There’s no way to stop watching it once you’ve started and there’s no way to not hate yourself for how invested you get by the end.

So, let’s all just give in and consume all the media – including these 16 wonderful tweets.

16. True, but his tattoos might be.

15. He was born to be famous.

14. Credit where credit is due.

13. This image haunts my dreams.

12. I had to rewind it because I wasn’t sure I heard right.

11. There is no line he won’t cross.

10. Kind of stings, doesn’t it.

9. You have to experience it for yourself.

8. That camera crew are the real heroes.

7. Except less funny and more horrifying.

6. Honestly if Twitter hadn’t pointed it out I wouldn’t have even noticed.

5. Understatement of the year (so far).

4. They should have been charged and convicted.

3. It might be one of the most stunning moments in the entire thing, and that’s saying something.

2. I mean. I have a film degree and I can’t even argue.

1. That’s going to require some deep breathing.

I’m never going to watch these 7 episodes of television again, and also, I’m never going to be able to forget them.

What are your thoughts on the show? If you need a support group we could form one in the comments!