16 People Share Their True Stories of the Creepiest Things They Overheard

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I have actually never had an experience where I overheard someone say something totally creepy, but I can easily imagine it happening. Fortunately, I don’t even have to expend the energy imagining because I’ve got 16 bizarre, creepy, and true stories from these AskReddit and Quora users:

1. “Quick, stab him!”

“I woke up to see a flashlight flickering on in my bedroom. I was awake at once, but terrified, so I stayed still. Then I heard my roommates speak.

Roommate 1: ‘Point the flashlight the other way. He’ll see us and escape!’

The flashlight danced across the wall. That was when I realized they were carrying screwdrivers.

Roommate 1: ‘Quick, stab him!’

Roommate 2: ‘I can’t do it!’

Roommate 1: ‘Ugh, I have to do everything around here.’

I heard a screech.

In my half-woken state, I thought my roommates were planning to kill me. It turns out they had tracked a rat into my room in order to stab it with screwdrivers.

Idiots? Yes. Murderers? Not of humans, at least.”

2. Internet Cafe

“This not something I overheard, technically, but pretty close.

It happened about ten years ago in Kiev, Ukraine. I was sitting at an Internet cafe, when a young guy sitting next to me asked for help using the computer. I helped him with the browser and opened Google for him. I kept glancing in his direction to make sure he was doing fine, when I saw the words he typed in his search window. They said: ‘how do you sell a kidney?'”

3. Friend of a Friend

“I was in my early twenties. I had recently moved in with a family friend. He was 50-something. We were not romantically connected in any way. We were just good friends. He happened to have a bedroom suite available in his penthouse apartment. It was luxurious and available, so I took it.

One day the doorbell rang fairly early in the morning. When I looked through the peephole, I saw a familiar face, a friend of my roommate’s.

The man was large and robust. He was severely sunburnt and very fidgety. When I opened the door he rushed in and asked if my roommate was home. Before I could answer, he was already at my roommate’s bedroom door banging frantically.

The man who had made the early visit to our apartment had a loud voice with a strong German accent. This is what I heard….

‘Hey! Wake up. Come on, get up! Just got back from the islands. It was perfect!’ He starts laughing hysterically then says, ‘this one was different. You should have seen his eyes when the bullet went in. It was the funniest look I’ve seen yet!’

Okay, to hell with this. I’m outta here! I was trying to quietly rush to my room, but before I could get to the door, the man appeared in my path. He gave me a look that stopped my breathing entirely. Then a huge warm smile appeared on his face as he placed his hands on my shoulders. He shook my body and said, ‘it’s a beautiful morning sweetheart! Have a wonderful day!’ With that, he left.

I never saw the man again. However, later on my roommate did ask if I had heard the conversation. I advised him I had been in the bathroom during the man’s brief visit. I moved out shortly after citing I need to be by myself or around people my own age.”

4. “He’s only 27”

“When I was a junior in high school, I was walking into a bathroom stall, and I noticed two girls walking behind me who I knew were freshmen. I went into a stall, while they started having a very detailed conversation about a guy that one of the girls was sleeping with.

I kind of just shut up in the stall and didn’t do anything, hoping they’d leave.

The girl just kept going on about positions, and what sex acts he liked, and how she was going to see him again on Saturday.

Then the other girl asks, ‘how old is he again?’

’32. And he has a friend who was asking about you. He’s only 27.'”

5. Off-Color Comments

“This guy at work was talking on the phone about his young daughter.

Him: ‘Yeah she has a body like a boy now, but once she gets older, I’m sure she’ll have a nice body.’

Everyone in the room: ‘Errrrrrr…’

Him: ‘Just like her mom, you know. If I was a boy their age, I would be trying to be really close friends with her.’

Everyone in the room: ‘ERRRRR…’

I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but…still.”

6. Douchebags

“Two guys are talking next to me at a restaurant.

Guy 1: ‘Dude, how do you decide if you take her to her place or your place?’

Guy 2: ‘It depends on how rough I want sex to get.’

Guy 1: ‘What do you mean?’

Guy 2: ‘Well, if I get rough and we’re at her place, she kicks me out and I have to go home in the middle of the night. If we’re at my place, the girl can leave and I’m already in bed.'”

7. “Oh, cool. I do that too”

“Two students on a train. I was sitting opposite.

Seemed like they’d never met each other before, because they were asking questions like, ‘So what do you study?’

Then first one says ‘What do you like to do on weekends?’

The other one, a pale teenage male wearing a black trench coat, responded in a way that was…surprising, to say the least.

He replied: ‘I like to do a bit of vampiring. You know, me and a few friends meet up and drink each other’s blood.’

I fully expected the other guy to get up and run away, freak out, look for a wooden stake. But instead the reply was:

‘Oh, cool. I do that too.’ Like he was talking about snowboarding or something.”

8. Victims

“My barber used to share space with a Real Estate office. One afternoon, I was getting my hair cut, chatting when the real estate agent walked into the salon, beaming.

‘We are gonna close the best deal we’ve done for a long time!’ he said. ‘We found some new victims that’ll make us a bunch of money!’

To think that this real estate agent looked at his clients as victims really creeped me out. He didn’t even seem to realize he’d said it.”

9. First Time

“Girl : ‘Is it in yet?’

Guy : ‘I think so, I don’t know.’

Girl : ‘Do something then.’

Guy : ‘What do you mean? I am doing something.’

Girl : ‘Shhhhhh…gotta be quiet, someone is sleeping.’

Overheard this conversation while staying at a mixed-dorm room in a backpacker’s hostel during one of my previous trips.

First times are usually awkward. Doing it for the first time in a mixed-dorm backpacker’s hostel room while other people are sleeping, at 4 AM in a cheap metal squeaky bunk bed isn’t making it any better either.”

10. Murder Talk

“Two men were talking at a coffee shop. One man’s business was clearly in serious trouble. He was talking about his boss.

‘All he said was ‘I’m so sorry’, for the business. But the whole time, he said not one word of regret for the girl he killed.’

Other guy: ‘I would have never picked him for the kind of guy who lived a double life.’

‘Me either, you never really know anyone do you?’

‘He was so kind and normal.’

‘You know he would have had to hold his hands around her neck for three minutes. You know how long that is? Looking her in the eye! For three minutes! He could have stopped if he wanted to.’

I stopped eavesdropping after that.”

11. Even More Murder Talk

“I speak a small amount of Russian. Not enough to get me through a conversation, but I can understand a fair amount more than I can speak.

I was in Toronto walking down the road, and there were two guys, sitting and talking in Russian at a table. I overheard four words: ‘dead,’ ‘body,’ ‘murder,’ and what was essentially ‘dispose.’ I turned pale and got the hell out of there.”

12. “Genuinely impressed”

“I was at Applebee’s when this dude and his date sit down at the table next to us. They launch into bizarre conversation about how shampoo is the government’s way of controlling our minds.

Then he leans in close and whispers something to her. His date shouts, ‘No way!’ Everyone turns and stares, so she blushes and lowers her voice. I, of course, listened.

‘You’re joking…you’re not really Jesus…are you?’ Dude smirked and nodded, and his date looked genuinely impressed.”

13. Bathroom Surprise

“I was at an airport and had to use the restroom. This was in one of the smaller terminals so there was practically nobody near where I was, except for in the stall next to me.

I was going about my business when all of a sudden I hear this high, feminine giggling coming from the occupied stall next to me. Please note I was in the men’s restroom. So I figure that some random lady got lost and ended up in the wrong restroom.

But then I heard another, deeper voice telling the lady to be quiet.

So I sit there for a moment, wanting to finish up as quickly as possible so I can leave before things get graphic, but I was too late. Suddenly the guy yells: ‘Oh my god, you’re not a woman!’

The stall door banged open and I heard the guy speed out of the bathroom, the girl close behind him. I then took the quickest dump of my life and hurried back to my gate.”

14. “Weird folks”

“I use to work at a factory, and they get a lot of workers in from temp agencies. So there tended to be a lot of weird folks around.

As I was walking back from my lunch break, I pass two guys and accidentally overhear: ‘I can’t help myself. I just want to impregnate the first thing I see.’ My only thought was, ‘Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact.'”

15. Viking vs. DudeBros

“It was Friday night, and I was riding the train downtown in Chicago. A gaggle of DudeBros comes on, slightly drunk, all hooting and hollering about all the tail they’re gonna score tonight and how drunk they’re gonna get.

This goes on for about 5 stops, until this giant Nordic-looking Viking-esque guy gets on with the most disconcerting smile.

All the DudeBros go dead silent as soon as they see him. There’s no interaction between Viking and DudeBros at all for 2 more stops. We get to the North and Clybourn stop, and Viking guy says in a booming jolly voice, ‘WELL FELLAS, I GUESS THIS IS WHERE YOU GUYS ARE GETTING OFF!’ He steps off the train, not even looking back.

And the DudeBros all followed him off the train with their heads hanging down. Everyone looked around for some explanation of what happened. I’m afraid I don’t have one.”

16. “Murder talk”

“I was traveling in Morocco, and overheard this conversation.

Guy 1: ‘Did you kill him?’

Guy 2: ‘Slit his throat.’

Guy 1: ‘Where did you put the head?’

I ran away and was deeply distressed for the rest of the day, until I realized it was Eid al-Adha.

It’s also called the ‘Sacrifice Feast,’ and it’s the second of two Muslim holidays (the other being Ramadan) celebrated worldwide each year. The tradition is to sacrifice the best halal domestic animals: cow, camel, goat, sheep, or ram depending on the region.

Didn’t overhear murder talk. Close call.”

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