16 Tweets That Are Petty AF


I think most people are a little petty, but man, social media really magnifies it and makes A LOT of people seem pretty terrible.

Fun, isn’t it?!? Take a look a bunch of petty tweets so you can laugh and shake your head at the same time.

1. Can’t stop won’t stop

2. You not getting that job kid

Photo Credit: Twitter,Home_Halfway

3. Ehhhhhh, I did it!

4. Petty AF

Photo Credit: Twitter,bottomtraits

5. Don’t. Okay do.

Photo Credit: Twitter,BreaSimone

6. Petty powers unleashed!

Photo Credit: Twitter,gothlatina

7. All day, all night, 365

Photo Credit: Twitter,nxlix

8. No, you go first!

Photo Credit: Twitter,TvlertheCreator

9. 50% of the time, it works every time

Photo Credit: Twitter,gothlatina

10. Damn.

Photo Credit: Twitter,iadorewomen_

11. At least she’s laughing

Photo Credit: Twitter,Rev_Xavier

12. Wow.

Photo Credit: Twitter,enokkamuanga

13. Seems fair

Photo Credit: Twitter,XxLoveABLE_

14. Genuine bitch is genuine bitch

Photo Credit: Twitter,ihatenisha

15. Next level petty

Photo Credit: Twitter,CakeLikeBeth

16. It’s a petty party and everybody’s invited!

Photo Credit: Twitter,FriesOverBoys

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