16 Weird Little Tricks That Never Let People Down

Human beings are industrious creatures. We find little ways to make our daily lives easier, little tricks that might seem odd but are undoubtedly clever, and that mitigate situations that might otherwise be a headache.

If you’re looking for some little tricks to include in your repertoire of ways to make life easier, these 16 people have some really great suggestions.

16. All the bonus points.

Cutting onions on a damp paper towel will attract the acids that make you cry. Tear-free onion cutting every time.

Bonus points for using a sharp knife too.

15. Make sure you change it later.

Learned this a while back and for some strange reason it’s actually helped. When you have an assignment to type out like an essay to write, use the comic sans font and your ideas just flow out of you.

As opposed to times new roman or any other official font, you’re less worried about the ‘correctness’ of each sentence and you can just write without being too much in your head.

Then of course before submitting have a read through and change it to the official font required.

14. A whole barrel.

From the very first day you own your home, lie to yourself that your mortgage payment is 100 more currency units than it actually is. Lie, steal, kill, whatever you have to do.

Make that extra payment amount every month from day one, and it’ll save you an absolute barrel of money.

13. For the students out there.

Trick 17:

If you’ve to print it out to give it to your Prof, use Times New Roman or something alike (Like with those angles/hooks on the letters), but if you have to give it to your Prof. digital – Use for an example Arial.

Why? Because studies show that your eyes get easier tired when you read Times New Roman at the PC as when you read Arial and vice versa.

That was basically the first thing my Teacher back in school said to us – In Germany you’ve to write a 15 to 25 paper in your last “Class” before you go to an University.

To learn … writin’ papers.

12. But you have to be willing to walk away.

If you want a deal for your cable/internet then call your telecom saying you want to cancel.

Do not speak to the billing department, speak to retention.

11. A trick of the trade.

Remote control not working? Look at the front end through your phone camera, and test the button.

Your camera doesn’t filter out the infra-red your eyes can’t see. The bulb at the front will light up (on camera) if the remote is actually sending the signal, telling you if the problem is with the remote or the TV.

Yes, I use to work in retail.

10. Even if it just distracts you.

Running your hands under very hot water to alleviate migraine pain.

as someone who grew up with chronic migraines…. honestly anything that distracts you from the pain is considered some sort of “alleviation”

9. Like shouting “fire!” instead of “help!”

Screaming “my baby!” (Sorry guys, this is a girl trick) actually gets you more attention if you are ever assaulted by someone in public, regardless of if you have a child or not. Most people are too chicken to want to get involved.

I was almost pulled into a car walking in my home city and it worked like a charm. Though I missed punching him.

8. A classic because it works.

Not saying it’ll work for everyone, but if you want to quit biting your nails, try wearing a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you bite, snap the rubber band. Eventually, you’ll start snapping it at the mere thought of biting your nails.

I was a habitual nail biter for probably 15 years. I was able to shake it after about a month and the habit never came back.

7. Maybe I can actually solve one of these now.

Solve the “find the difference in these two pictures” type of puzzles by relaxing your eyes and letting your vision double over.

The differences will blink and be very obvious. Same technique you would use to see magic eye imagines.

6. Like magic (except for the cost of the milk).

If you get a really bad sunburn dump a gallon of whole milk in the tub add enough water to make it warm enough to bear. Lay in it use a wash towel to wet the rest of you.

The burn will go away. The pain of the burn and the actual burn. I am the father of two redheads, this is for real . Did this on my kids when they were babies.

5. Going to try this immediately.

Making a ground-beef based dish? Tacos? Chili? Sloppy Joe’s? Hamburger Helper?

Do you hate how ground beef shrinks up, floods the pan with moisture, and ends up tough, tight, gray and greasy?

1.5 teaspoon baking soda 4 Tablespoons water

Mix it in a glass and drizzle it over the raw beef. Try to toss and coat and let it sit 20 minutes. Your beef will be more alkaline, brown super easily, hold onto moisture and stay plump and juicy. Brown beef not gray, with body and volume like scrambled eggs. Try it.

4. Sure, you look a little weird but desperate times.

the range of your car key fob is extended if you hold it under your jaw and open your mouth towards the vehicle while pressing whatever buttons.

3. And no refills!

Serve your food on a smaller plate. Tricks the brain into thinking its a large portion.

2. Plus is makes you feel better.

Your remote control battery are almost empty? Hit the remote control and the batteries will work at least a litte longer. This doesn’t work all the time, but plenty of times it does work.

An explanation I found on the internet is that the slap breaks the oxide layer that can build up between the battery and the contacts of the remote.

1. Saving this for my next pizza night.

If you burn your tongue, try taking some sugar and kinda like rub it into your tongue with the roof of your mouth (if that makes sense).

A few of these are super useful, I think!

If you’ve got a trick like this that always works for you, share it with us in the comments.