16 Women Describe What It’s Like To Turn Down A Proposal

I think that these days, most men know exactly what the answer to a proposal is going to be before they pop the question. Couples talk about it beforehand, make plans for the future, and even talk about things like what sort of engagement ring and/or proposal they expect when the time comes.

For these 16 women, though, the moment came as a surprise – and their significant others were probably shocked, too, when the answer was no.

16. What on earth is the point.

Do the right thing and move on.

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15. It has to be for the right reasons.

Whether the timing is what you planned or not.

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14. I’m confused about what’s going on.

Maybe in three years they’ll be married.

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13. Man, that’s a rough way to find out.

I wonder if she was planning on breaking up…

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12. Well that’s one way to find out.

What on earth is wrong with these people?

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11. I mean, it would be hard to come back from.

Maybe he’s just really ready to take the next step.

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10. Honestly this one is on him.

You have to know when to let go and walk away.

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9. Effort is still required.

You have to know your partner’s romance expectations!

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8. I think I understand why she said no.

Mommy getting involved is a heck of a red flag.

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7. Well that’s one reason to say no.

Also a reason to break up. I’m just saying.

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6. It’s hard to imagine something more cringe than this.

That guy is just wearing a whole scarf of red flags.

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5. Didn’t this happen in a sitcom once?

If not, it definitely should have.

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4. That’s an awkward situation.

Family proposals are a no unless they’re super enthusiastic.

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3. I mean honestly, good for her.

It sure doesn’t sound like he was worth any more time.

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2. At least they’re on the same page now.

A little communication could have saved some embarrassment (and money).

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1. You have to know your own heart.

Even if it breaks someone else’s.

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Man these moments just must have been so stinking awkward I am secondhand mortified.

Have you turned down a proposal? Tell us in the comments what the experience was like for you.