17 Photos Of Animals Who Didn’t Follow The Rules

Image Credit: Reddit

Animals are hilarious, and if you’ve ever needed more proof that we’re living in their world instead of the other way around, these 17 posts about animals doing whatever the f*ck they want should definitely do the trick.

17. Should we tell him?

Money well spent
by infirstworldanarchists

16. He does what he wants.

Saying “no” repeatedly didn’t help, did it?
byu/How2Post infunny

15. That cat is the equivalent of a toddler. Or a teenager, I can’t decide.

Cats are the mascots of this subreddit.
by infirstworldanarchists

14. He doesn’t play by your rules.

This bird gets it
byu/CJ105 infirstworldanarchists

13. What?

lost dog
byu/anxiousRXtech infunny

12. Hopping is for suckers.

Fuck the system
byu/Chillaxbro infirstworldanarchists

11. His expression though.

I sent my dog outside as punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response.. (Sorry for the quality)
byu/bleezyt infunny

10. Cats explained in one photo.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

9. The birds on either side of him are just appalled.

Fuck the system
byu/herostratus_remember infunny

8. She fixed it.

Anti-Establishment Dog
byu/mcketo9kc inaww

7. What else ya got?


6. Actual footage of me working out.

This hamster is not taking any of it.

5. Equal rights for cats.

This cat doesn’t care what society thinks
by infirstworldanarchists



3. I cannot stop looking at this picture!

A true rebel
byu/Noctulus infunny

2. But seriously who expected a baby gate to trap cats?

Cat teaches kitten to break the rules
byu/outroversion inaww

1. That little door is for regular cats.

I’ll use whichever door I damn well please.
byu/BringYourOwnBacon infirstworldanarchists

I told you!