People Joyfully Celebrate Sean Astin After Photos of Him Holding an Otter Trend On The Internet


It took people this long to start celebrating Sean Astin’s career? Being a child of the 1980s, I’ve been a fan of his since I was a little kid. Let’s run down the hits, shall we? The Goonies, White Water Summer, Toy Soldiers, Rudy, and the cinematic masterpiece known as Encino Man. All of those films were staples of my childhood.

But now a whole new generation of pop culture fans have discovered Sean Astin because of his role in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

A Twitter user from New Zealand shared a photo of Astin with an otter and then the floodgates opened.

Photo Credit: Twitter

People were delighted by the photo and people from all walks of life started tweeting out their appreciation for Astin’s long and successful career. Let’s take a look at some of the best tweets, shall we?

1. Yes he is!


2. Awwww

3. I’ll carry you

4. Losin’ their minds

5. No kidding

6. An underrated classic!


7. Boom!

8. Give him some credit


9. Owning it

10. Another classic!

11. His daughter even got in on the action

12. Should be every day

13. Memphis Belle is solid, too

14. Good guy

15. Timeless

Mr. Astin himself was touched by the tweets.

Sean Astin for president in 2020? At least just think about it…