17 Creepy Stories About Places That Shouldn’t Exist

Abandoned spots are some of the creepiest places on the planet. I don’t know why this is true but it definitely is – if you’ve ever stepped into a town or a building that has been totally forgotten by everyone who ever knew it existed, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

And if you want some stories about the creepy, weird, or just plain scary stuff that can happen while you’re inside one, you’re in luck – these 17 people are about to deliver.

17. Another dimension.

I live in Michigan, and I’ve done a lot of road travel around the Great Lakes area, and in addition, I’ve moved to Texas and back by driving my own UHaul. I can say for certain that basically any gas station in Illinois (outside of Chicagoland), Indiana, Missouri, or Arkansas will somehow feel like you have entered some other dimension.

In particular, there’s an Exxon station on the outskirts of Hayti, Missouri that I actually ended up stopping at both times I passed through, on the way to Texas and the way back. You can’t see anything but fields and the road you came in on- it looks like it was picked up by a tornado and dropped somewhere entirely arbitrary.

16. Odd, for sure.

When I was a kid I had this repeated nightmare of me standing by an empty pool with cracking paint and plaster unable to stop starring at it. The only thing scary about the dream was not being able to look away.

I found the location one day while visiting relatives. The dry pool with peeling paint. I don’t remember if I yelled or not.

Anyway my doctor thinks I had a childhood seizure there.

15. A sigh of relief.

I was once driving around with my cousin who had recently moved to Virginia where I was staying with him for the week. We decided to go for a ride and smoke some butts and I asked him to take a turn down a street I thought looked interesting.. just wanted to fuck around and figured it would be like some suburbs we could putt around at, but no, we wound up traveling up and down tight dirt roads surrounded by trees and bushes that seemed to almost be grabbing at the car.

There was never a chance to turn around, but after a while we realized that we couldn’t see the exit anymore. The road had a slight curvature to it and was taking us in deeper. We drove for like 15 minutes, the initial novelty of wtf did we get Into now wearing off and the thoughts of oh god where are we setting in. Finally, we make it to an intersection, where we see a billboard.

Idk what language it was in, but it wasn’t in any language that uses the English alphabet, nor was it Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Arabic. Maybe it was Thai? Idk, but it blew our minds.

We were so confused we thought we just ended up in a different world. Drove a bit further and there was a Burger King. We both breathed a sigh of relief when we saw that.

14. Nature will take it back.

An abandoned world war 1 era gunpowder factory. Middle of the woods but there’s fire hydrants, old railroad grades, smokestacks, fucking ramparts they built because the damn thing got explodey on more than one occasion.

It’s like they closed it one day and just left. It’s not totally in the middle of nowhere either, half hour walk from the nearest road.

Nature is in the middle of taking it all back, as it does, but it’s not too far along in that process yet.

13. No trace at all.

Not exactly a place, but I had a random encounter with a person that I was told doesn’t exit/shouldn’t have been out there.

Shortly after I graduated high school I went to a friends house. He lived WAY out in the country. Like a 30 minute drive on a small two lane road, then another 10 minutes on a dirt road just to get to where his double wide trailer was at. I show up, and drinking and drugs were involved, as common in rural Oklahoma. It was pretty late, and everyone else had fell asleep. So I went for a walk cause I like the woods. A was walking for a bit when I heard music. I followed the music to this small clearing.

I stepped out and there was some random hillbilly looking dude, just sitting on a log playing a flute. The situation was pretty random. There was no other houses anywhere near us, there is no way anyone could have got to where we were without driving by us. And for those of you, who have never been in a remote area, a car would have been extremely noticeable over the silence of nature. I sat down and listened to this random hillbilly fey play. Soft and low, melodic and emotional. He was surprisingly good.

I had to pee, so I went off to the side. The music stopped, when I turned he was gone. I walked around trying to find some trace of where he went. My grandfather taught me how to follow trails, I’m no expert but I can track a deer if need be. I didn’t see any indication of where this guy could have went to.

I went back, and told my friends the next morning. They looked at me like I was crazy, and elaborated on how impossible that would have been.

12. That’ll creep you out.

Last year my buddy and I were driving early in the morning to go hunting. We were in separate vehicles, but I was following him closely. Before we left town we agreed that we would stop at a fairly huge natural landmark that was right off the road so we could take a piss, it was about a 2 hour drive in the dark. Anyway we just kept driving and both arrived at our hunting spot, I was confused because we never passed the landmark that we agreed to stop at. I thought I must have just missed it or something.

First thing my buddy said when we got out of our trucks at the hunting spot was, where the hell was Hells Half Acre (the place we agreed to stop at). We both never saw it, you can’t miss it, there is no other road we could have taken and missed it. I have no clue what happened that morning but Hells Half Acre disappeared on us.

11. Where did it go?

My roommate moved in and he needed to go to the ATM and he didn’t know the area. So I walked him to it. He took money out. We headed back and he gave the money to the landlord.

Some number of days later my then gf needed cash and insisted that there was no ATM a block away. I keep saying it is there since I just went there. Finally I walk over and sure enough. Blank wall.

I drag my roommate there he stares at the wall and asks me where the ATM went.

No idea

10. Very freaky.

When I was a teen me and some friends broke into an abandoned petrol (gas) station that had been out of service since as long as we knew. All boarded up and desolate. We got in messed about for a bit before realising it literally still had everything in it.

The till was there (empty), the tannoy system, old boxes of food on the shelves, everything. It was as if it had just been abandoned immediately and boarded up there and then. It was at night and this was creepy enough but then I noticed a dim hum from the far corner.

Creeped over to have a look and it was the ice cream chiller. Still plugged in, still running, now almost full of ice. I chiseled the ice from around the lid and managed to crack it open. Dug around inside and found it still had ice creams in. I tried a Solero but it tasted watery.

Weird experience but absolutely true. I would never have gone in there if I wasn’t with mates. We left shortly after and all agreed that was very freaky.

9. An old road.

My family and I got lost on an old lumber road that was broken up but otherwise well kept. The atmosphere was strange and I made them put their jackets inside out and we found our way back to the main trail.

When we tried to find the lumber road two weeks later, it was too overgrown to walk on and was swampy, even though it was a dry summer.

8. No one knows how it happens.

Mom’s seaside hometown has an offshore decommissioned lighthouse.

The remote structure is locked and utilities have long been terminated.

Yet, as I once commented, on random late night occasions the lighthouse beacon suddenly illuminates – casting light in various directions and amazing anyone who notices.

No one has been able to determine how it happens as the lighthouse remains locked and without utilities. By the time anyone travels out to investigate, the illumination has long ceased.

7. The scenic route.

I was driving home from visiting my ex girlfriend who lives about an hour and a half away in a neighboring county. Our area is rural as hell. Lots of abandoned villages, back roads, wooded areas, etc.

It was around 1 A.M. and I decided to go off the beaten path and drive down an old mine road about a half hour from my place. The “scenic route” if you will… The road was unlit, but I noticed what seemed to be a massive bonfire in the valley nearby.

Captivated, I decided to follow the light. To make a long story short- White robes… Everywhere… Exactly how you would imagine it.

6. Again and again.

Old house where I used to live was know to have squatters. One night a loud rumbling was heard from the old house and several people screaming. All the adult men went to investigate and found nothing.

It happened again and again, the people couldn’t stand it and had contacted to current owner and told them what happened. The owner was in another country but he had some people come and destroy the place and turned it into a lot.

No one knows what or where the sounds came from. I had older friends at the time and they would sneak into the old house to smoke cigs and have sex, they would always see or hear something move inside the place.

Once they stayed the whole night and they kept hearing someone muttering and they couldn’t find the source.

Place is still a lot and the owner refuses to have anything built over it.

5. A skeptic no more.

My mother and younger brother lives on a corner lot across the street from an old town hall, as well as a church in a tiny town. The one horse town was supposed to be one of the larger settlements but the capital ended up down the railway and pretty much made this one useless. However, they already built a large town hall building and so they used it for all sorts of civil endeavors like a post office, fire hall, prison cell, etc.

After a century or so it started to become run down and they ended up relocating to a more “modern” building. It went up for sale and someone bought it but didn’t do anything with it so it just sat. My father who grew up around there would talk about ghosts stories about the place like torture, hearing screams, iron doors slamming and chains clanking. Sounded like classic dad stories.

Until one year I moved back there after a break up. Falling asleep with my window open, I woke up to hear loud, metal banging coming from the building, like it shook the neighborhood. My family was in the city so I was alone and a little freaked. I first downplayed it as pranksters or a crazy echo from the train crossing across town. But it sounded so clearly from the building and didn’t stop for what seemed like half an hour.

The messed up part was the police did show up while the banging was occurring. I watched as the officers via their flashlights head straight through the basement and stopped where the old cell is located just as the banging abruptly stopped. After a brief pause the flashlights slowly scanned the room and I continued to watch as they slowly searched the whole buildings inside and outside. They eventually made their way back to their car and after a few minutes, drove off.

It drives me insane since I’m a skeptic but I know what I heard and saw, the whole thing was vivid and sobering from any exhaustion. I still wish I could go back and ask what they seen, or didn’t see.

4. There and then gone.

My family went camping somewhere and I went off on my own to bike some trails.

I came across an old decrepit cabin with half the roof left and some old old furniture still inside, like a rusty old wood stove and a bed frame. The whole thing gave me an eerie but also tragic vibe. It was like the air around it was heavier.

I went back to camp and told my family and they wanted to see it too so I lead them back the way I’d gone and it had disappeared. There was even a clearing like where I remembered it being, but no cabin. We searched every trail the camp had and never found anything like it.

I started having nightmares about the cabin while we were camped there. Eventually we asked the camp host if there was any structures around and she said the area used to be an old mining camp, and though it was supposedly gone a long time ago, I was not the first camper to see something unusual that could never be found back later

3. A portal to Narnia.

In my childhood home there was an old caboose in a park. Kids, including me, would play on it. (It was kinda-sorta maintained by some community organization.) I discovered that the door opened, and I explored inside. There were some cracked pressure gauges, an old lantern lens, some faded charts… I thought it was really cool.

One day, I opened the door to discover it was… a closet. Racks, and lots of clothes. I was reading Narnia at the time, got freaked out, and shut the door. A few days later, everything was sealed and the windows were boarded up.

Years later, I discovered that a squatter had almost set it on fire, which resulted in it being closed, but for the longest time I figured that the adults had sealed an interdimensional portal.

2. A ghostly orb.

The rural woods around my mothers house. When I lived there for about 3 weeks, I was on my way home late at night coming from a friends house. I passed the old elementary school, but right after doing so, this massive, beach-ball sized ”orb” floated in front of my car.

I slammed on the brakes (I was completely sober) trying to get a better look at this thing, but it didn’t stray from its floaty, up and down-y movements across the road about 8 feet up in the air before it disappeared in the trees on the other side of the road.

No, it wasn’t a balloon. It was like a perfect ball made of thick fog.

The next morning, I told my mom about this and her eyes got all big before she told me that on multiple occasions, she has seen a man at that same spot. She said he wears clothes that seem like they’re from a hundred years ago, that he walks behind her car and disappears from view in her mirrors.

1. A tight feeling in the chest.

I grew up in a semi-rural town in the UK, there were lots of little wooded areas between neighborhoods that us teenagers would go and drink/do drugs/general rebellious teen things in. One of the wooded areas we liked best was one just off a train track, between two quiet neighborhoods. It was our favourite because it was sheltered from the rain and the closest spot to where most of us lived.

It was basically just a clearing in the woods and it had this old shack, but the shack was really weird. It was like a cross between a house and a shack; it was only one story with a flat roof, but the walls were made of drywall, they were like inside walls, not outside walls.

It was really tiny, like the size of one room, but it had windows and a door (well, window frames and a door frame, the door had been torn down and the window glass was smashed all over the forest floor). There was what looked like carpet torn up and thrown around the floor. A complete wreck, totally abandoned.

In the forest around it, there was a ton of pallets all over the floor and also rope just on the floor, in knots, wrapped around trees. One time, we found a rusty wood saw on the floor. Another time, what looked like a mangled chainsaw.

As kids, we never thought anything of it, just ignored it, and saw the shack/house as just a good shelter from the rain.

One time, when we were about 15, me, a friend and her friend went to go and smoke weed in this spot. It was a rainy day, so we thought the shack would be a good shelter. When we got to the entrance of the spot, we saw that the opening in the trees we’d climb through was covered up by a board of wood.

Weird, we thought, but we pushed it to the side. Got in pretty easy, but when we went in, I got this sinking feeling and I said we should get out of there. I’d never felt any feeling like this; it felt like I was being watched, and I felt like we weren’t supposed to be there. Just bad vibes entirely.

I never saw anything that would make me think that, but the sinking feeling in my stomach and the tight feeling in my chest was enough to make me want to get out of that place real quick. I convinced my two friends that we should go to a different smoke spot we had, and they were a little confused but followed along.

The next time we went to go there, I was reluctant but was dragged along anyway. When we got there, the board of wood that we’d tossed to the side was back up blocking it off, but somehow we couldn’t move it this time. Was really weirded out, and I haven’t been back to that place since.

I could honestly read stories like these all day but I’m not sure I’d want to follow in their physical footsteps.

Do you have a story like these? If so, we want to hear it in the comments!