The world has changed so rapidly over the past several decades that it can be hard to keep up – so many inventions happening literally all of the time, and honestly, most of them seem to make everyone’s life just a bit easier.

Some, though, seem to have been invented only annoy the crap out of people – and these 17 are definitely in the running.

17. There are always exceptions.

Electronic form restrictions like minimum 3 symbols for surname. Come on, my surname is 2 symbols long.

Similar to that, account security questions often have a minimum character limit of 5 to “What’s your favorite color?”. So red or blue wouldn’t be valid.

16. It’s definitely annoying.

Fake mobile ads.

You know technically if they said “99.96% of people won’t pass this level” they’d be absolutely right because 99.96% of people will never even play the game in the first place so it’s not technically false advertising.

15. There is no fun part.

Password must meet all these password rules. You cannot use a password you’ve previously used. This password is too similar to a previous password.

The fun part of that is that if the system knows whether or not it was similar to a previous password, that’s a red flag for poor security practices. Passwords should be hashed. That hash is one-way, so a database admin will only ever see the hash.

The system could use that hash to know if your new password is exactly the same as the old one, but in no way should it know that it is similar. To do that, it is likely storing the original password unhashed, and that company should be publicly shamed.

14. Definitely a scam.

Bloatware that takes up 2GBs of space on what is advertised as a 16GB phone and adds more with each update.

I put in a 128GB micro SD card for things like music, pictures and video but there’s only enough space for a few apps at a time.

13. What a total scam.

Ink Jet Printers.


And let’s not forget my personal favourite: “INK LOW, CANNOT COMPLETE SCAN” why the f**k would I need ink to scan anything you 3 pieces of s*%t in 1 machine????

12. The thinking was not sound.

Car alarms. It’s now just assumed it’s a false alarm. Worst anti-theft device ever.

If I saw someone digging through a car with the alarm going off, I would assume it’s their car and they can’t get it to shut off lol

11. They are stupid.

Those stupid security things that ask you to pick which ones are traffic lights.

“Select all images containing buses”

Click click click

“Oops you missed one”

Umm, that’s a fire truck.

10. And their fake little x’s.

pop up ads.

the guy who invented them apologised.

9. Sometimes I get it wrong.


They are for training AI. To let the AI know what crosswalks or bikes or whatever look like from different angles.

For some of them, you can just click anything and you pass.

8. It makes no sense!

Clamshell packaging.

When you need scissors to open the scissors…and then you cut yourself on the edge of the plastic.

7. Why do you think?

Smart everything (Smart juicer, smart bowl, smart weight scale).

Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a shotgun next to it in case it makes a noise I don’t recognize.

6. They’re full of germs anyway.

Automatic hand dryers, switch off every 2 seconds while you try to dry your hands then run for 10 seconds when you walk away…

5. Sorry.

Bixby. I don’t even know what it does, except waste a whole button on my phone.

THIS! And no way to disable it. It’s INFURIATING!

4. I mean…

Automatic hand dryers, switch off every 2 seconds while you try to dry your hands then run for 10 seconds when you walk away…

A company I used to work for introduced a password management system. All IT-accounts with special privileges were enrolled into this and the password changed daily.

The passwords were long, complex and consisted of upper/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (like ]¨} etc). Since these passwords are impossible to type, let alone remember, it resulted in every IT-personell pasting their daily passwords for all of their accounts in a txt-document on their desktops.

The complicated passwords made them near impossible to brute-force, but instead made them much much easier to obtain.

3. The poor lefties.

Scissors were invented to annoy left-handers like me.

My late dad and one of my brothers were left-handed like I am. My mom, on the other hand (pun not intended), was not.

She started life as a lefty 90 years ago but they “changed” her in grammar school. They would tie her left arm behind her back.

What a cruel thing to do.

2. Any toy that makes noise.

Those toys with a loud voice.

Those need a secure off switch too.

Throw one wrong toy in the toybox and it can set off a factory the damn things.

1. This should not exist.

One ply toilet paper.

Nobody in the history of the world has saved money buying 1 ply toilet paper.

I have to say, I see their points about these.

Do you? Is there another invention you say belongs in this list? Tell us what in the comments!