17 Jokes About the New iPhone Announcement

Image Credit: Twitter

Apple has revealed the new design of their iPhone 11, and iLovers everywhere are ready to fork over (literal) handfuls of cash to get their hands on one.

But…there’s still time for some pretty spot-on, pretty valid, pretty funny jokes about the latest offering from America’s fruit-shaped God, no?

I think so. Here are 17.

17. Just take my money.

16. That looks like a wasp’s nest and I am triggered.

15. But probably still without so many muscles.

14. YOU need a new phone and YOU need a new phone and YOU need a new phone!

13. I’m not even trying to keep up anymore.

12. I just don’t know how much longer I can make it, Sir.

11. IDK honestly the spider is cuter.

10. Are you sure you can’t squeeze out just a little more?

9. I’m such a liar.

8. Yeah, I’m going to need to test that out.

7. Live from Cupertino, California.

6. Yeah yeah find a new argument.

5. So many kidney jokes, so little time.

4. Trying not to yawn.

3. You know you’re gonna do it anyway.

2. It’s called combining two things people love okay?

1. Because purple come on.

I love my Apple products as much as the next person, but not a one of these tweets is wrong.

Are you in line for the iPhone 11? Why or why not?