17 Men Weigh In On What They Really Wish Other Men Would Quit

There’s plenty of places on the internet where you can find what women wish men would stop doing. In fact, you probably see that stuff every day whether you’re looking for it or not.

But what do men see and wish other dudes would cease and desist? That can be harder to learn about – but not today, because these 17 men are weighing in below!

17. Not the time and place.

If she’s working out, leave her alone. I don’t care how good she looks in spandex, a sports bra, leggings, etc.

She’s not there to date. Find her on Tinder.

16. I can see how this would be a peeve.

Peeing on the floor in front of the urinal.

What the f**k is wrong with you? Now everyone else has to either step in your piss or try to long distance pee into the f**king urinal.

15. I am slow-clapping over here.

Stop asking me for forgiveness at the nightclub after groping my girlfriend. You harassed her, not me.

She shouldn’t have to have a boyfriend for you to respect her.

14. I’m sensing a theme here.

Dude, don’t f**king pee all over the seat of a public toilet.

Why the f**k would you do that?

13. Harder for everyone.

Creeping on women.

Makes actual dating like 500% harder than it needs to be.

And I want them to stop talking to me like I’m a fellow creep. I’ve had dozens of interactions with coworkers, classmates, strangers at bars, etc. that just start saying really nasty shit about women around us, some of whom I’m acquainted with or friends with. Sometimes these guys are married or in relationships. The f**k is wrong with people?

Pieces of s*%t think everyone is just as broken as they are. They think we all, deep down, think and want to behave the same way they do. That we’re all just held back by our inhibitions. They simply can’t fathom being genuinely decent and good natured. Like, yes, I love f**king, but I don’t perv out on every woman I come across. I acclimate to that s*%t until it’s consensual with both parties and I do it in private.

I don’t want to hear them perv out while they get ever closer to me while their BO and nasty ass breath starts permeating through all my senses. I just tell people to stfu and walk away now. I’m so done being courteous to s*%tbags. I just treat them like the s*%tbags they are. F**king disgusting human beings.

12. Being gross doesn’t make you manly.

Being super unhygienic.

Wash your f**king hands with soap and water. Clean your f**king a$$ so you’re not sporting skid marks on all your underwear.

11. Feelings are for everyone.

To let themselves and other men cry, we are humans meaning we have emotions.

Every time a man gets told that he’s a b*%ch or a pussy for crying, it becomes damaging.

10. Yeah don’t touch those.

Stop wiping your boogers on the wall at the urinal.

Publicly shaming the next person i see doing this. edited for decorum

9. This goes for loud cars everywhere.

Your straight piped Honda Civic doesn’t sound cool, it sounds like my lawn mower.

8. People don’t…do that?

Wash your hands after you piss or poo.

Also learn proper gym etiquette you wild animals.


7. Be a good friend.

Don’t throw me under a bridge when a girl shows up.

6. Just walk away.

Fighting over women, let her go. Move on.

Getting into a fist fight over a lady because you both like her etc, Aint worth it.

5. As simple as that.

Handle rejection better. Know when to leave a woman alone.

Hey you wanna grab a drink sometime? No. Ok cool have a good one

How f**king hard is that?

And guess what, if she said no today doesn’t mean you should ask her again in 2 days and hope her answer changes. Leave her alone.

4. And so many of us are already on the fence.

Failing to wash their hands after using a public bathroom.

If straight women knew how many men do this they would never want to touch a man again.

3. This this this.

Pull your weight in the household the amount of times i see friends not doing chores as much as their wife or not helping is infuriating it’s not the 50’s anymore bro.

2. It’s not that deep.

Harassing women who are minding their business. If someone isn’t interested don’t insult them or do worst. I’ve seen stories where women lose their lives because they reject a man.

Especially the dudes who can’t handle rejection. These dudes need to be called out as much as possible. Where did they learn this behavior was even close to normal?

If a girl doesn’t want you that’s on you dude – the world doesn’t owe you shit.

1. Just stand and face it.

Telling other men to “man up” or to “be a man” whenever they show an ounce of sadness or fear.

If you avoid your emotions, you’re giving into the biggest emotion of all: fear. So if you think your feelings make you less of a man, you’d better start facing them.

Yeah, all of this is super cringe. I wish we could just put the word out and everyone would quit.

If you’re a guy, what else do you wish your fellow dudes would stop doing? Our comments are open!