Muslims Are Sharing Heartbreaking Stories About How 9/11 Changed Their Life Forever

Image Credit: Pixabay

Every year on September 11, America takes a time out from whatever else is going on to come together and remember the events of September 11, 2001.

We talk about the people in the buildings, the people on the planes, the first responders, the bystanders, the dogs who bravely searched in vain for survivors in the rubble.

We say never again, and we mean it.

But after September 11, the world had changed for another group of people – Muslims living in the United States.

So, as the day of remembrance passed, Muslims logged onto Twitter to claim their own narrative, using #AfterSeptember11 and #After911 to share how their lives have never been the same.

17. All were meant to pay for the actions of a few.

16. Communities should band together, not pull apart, in times of stress.


15. Most people are good people if you give them a chance.

14. Good people shouldn’t have to answer for evil.

13. Four. Years. Old.

12. You never know what path strangers are walking.

11. Violence is never the answer.


10. This makes me sick to my stomach.

9. We lost so much more than lives that day.


8. Imagine having to question your entire worldview as a child.

7. Be the Alex in your world.


6. Put a face to the religion and it makes it easier to treat people like humans.

5. I wonder where kids are hearing crap like that, hmm?

4. Those teachers should be ashamed of themselves.


3. No one should have to “get” it. No one.

2. Friendship means through thick and thin.

1. I hope he sued them.


One thing that shouldn’t have changed after that day was how we treat our fellow Americans – all of them, regardless of race, religion, sex, whatever – so I hope hashtags like this can remind us of what makes us the greatest nation on earth.

Do you have a story to add? We’re all ears in the comments.