17 People Muse On What They Wish Fell From The Sky Instead Of Rain

We know this idea has been around since literally forever, since in the Bible’s Old Testament manna rained from heaven, and there’s at least one song called “Pennies from Heaven,” but where did it come from?

I’m not sure about the answer, but I do know that these 17 people have some pretty intriguing ideas on what would be awesome if it fell from the sky, so let’s check them out below!

17. It wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Marshmallows. Would justify walking around in public with a cup of hot chocolate.

And big hats so your hair won’t be a sticky mess.

16. We’ll take the water, please.

I live in California and we’re on fire… Plain, boring rain would be fine!

The whole western half of the US is in the same grounded boat, more or less. I’m so tired of smoke!

15. Chaotic evil right here.

environmentally friendly glitter.

Just imagining how sparkly it’s be is amazing

14. Just to clarify.

Healing water or something.

It’s water, but healing.

13. All sorts of drops.

If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be.

12. Everyone is a Looney Tune.


There would be a bunch of While E. Coyote style deaths! Lmao!

11. Very practical.

Brain cells.

I know a lot of people that need th.. I mean love that.

10. Is there anything better?


That whole episode in particular was the apex of the Simpsons. Best of the best. So good.

9. Must love pie.

Great big pies. Perfectly cooked with gleaming golden brown crusts and thick meaty fillings.

No one would ever go hungry for pie again and nations would be enriched with the gloopy gravy warmth of pies and there would be peace across the world because everyone can eat pie morning, noon and night forevermore.

God I love pie.

8. Is it hard or soft?

Chocolate rain.

7. There could be issues there.

Water, clean water, but we could control when, where and how much.

But imagine if a dictator takes control of the world water supply.

6. You knew this would be here.

Men. It would be raining men. Hallelujah

I still feel like that song and Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” are descriptions about the same event.

5. It would solve everything.

Puppies, but with like…personal safety airbags so none of them get hurt.

It would solve world hunger!

4. Watch the world burn.

Anti-matter. Might as well go out with a bang.

I’m pretty sure that positrons are actually formed above storms, so this one is kind of a thing.

3. A whole scenario.

Blood because I just can’t stop imagining TV weather boy/girl, “Tomorrow, a great chance of Cloud Periods!”

I instantly thought of the trollge meme of waiting for it to blood and how blood floats on blood

2. I’d be down with that.


Taste the rainbow DURING the storm.

1. We’d all be happy, at least.


I’d say avocados, but that might hurt. Maybe donuts.

What would you say? Let us know in the comments!